Tuesday, February 20, 2007


We've lived in this home for two and one half years. For the first year, we didn't have anything up at the windows, with the exception of the bedrooms. I liked the open feeling, and enjoyed the views outside. I became concerned with heat loss and we installed cellular blinds everywhere. They did indeed improve the energy efficiency. I was content. I could open the blinds all of the way, and still enjoy my views.

When Grandma moved in last year, she wanted curtains hung in her room. We had already installed the cellular blinds. She ordered curtains, and we hung them for her. I love the look of Grandma's room. It just feels homey to me. So, I have been contemplating curtains in the other rooms.

I ordered curtains for the living room. Hubby installed the rods for me, and I got busy ironing. After I hung up the curtains, I didn't like the way that it looked. But something happened the next day. When I woke in the morning and walked into the living room, it was that same homey feeling that I get when I walk into Grandma's room. Dear Hubby felt it, too. He commented several times how much he liked the look of the curtains, and even praised me for decorating our home.

The next day I set to work. I had bought a very large piece of fabric when we lived in a different house. It just so happens, by God's providence, that the fabric goes perfectly in our dining room. I spent the entire day at the sewing machine creating curtains from scratch. No pattern. I looked at how the ones in the living room were put together, and went on my way. They look so cute! I can't believe how much it has changed the look of the room. Hubby was quite impressed. He's commented many times already, and thanked me for making our house *ours*.

Curtains. Who knew?

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Karen said...

Very pretty! Love how the green in the material matches the green on your walls. Perfect!