Thursday, March 8, 2007


Some friends of ours gave my husband, Verne, A Father's Guide to Blessing His Children for Christmas this past year. It was just a short booklet, and included two collections of blessings.

Verne has a tradition of putting our children to bed each night. He goes in with the boys, wrestles with each one, and prays with and for them. It took me a long time to realize the significance of the wrestling, but alas, I have stopped complaining that he is "worse than the kids" at stalling over bedtime. With the girls, they kiss me goodnight, and then Daddy swoops them up into his arms, and carries them off to bed. He gently places them on their beds, and once again, prays. So sweet! He says he will continue this tradition until they are married.

After Verne read A Father's Guide to Blessing His Children, he started a new tradition. Blessing the children. Each night he reads a blessing to them, while touching their head or their arms. Wow! When the blessing is memorized, they move on to a new one.

This went on for about a week, until one night, after we were in bed, and he prayed aloud for us, he blessed me. What an experience! I can't begin to tell you how this has affected me as a wife. It has been very humbling.

Thank you, Lord, for continuously showing me Your love through my wonderful husband! Amen.

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Karen said...

Hi Tracy,
Thank you for your continuing prayers for our family.
My husband read a book about blessing his family, and he has done this, too.
He has always done the bedtime routine with our girls. It's a special time for them, that they have loved.
Gordon has also been a "staller" but it was so fun for them. I think it bothered ME because I was tired and ready for them to be in bed! LOL
I loved this post.