Sunday, March 11, 2007

A Leisurely Walk

The girls and I went on a walk today. We enjoyed the crisp spring air and sunshine. Here are a few of the sights that we took in: the pond in the valley,
an old barn,

a nearby church,

a bulldozer,

farms down the road,

another old barn,


and more daffodils,

an abandoned old house,

and a path that intrigued Abigail.


Karen said...

How lucky you are, as it looks like you live out in the country. We would love to get off of this busy road. Although it is a small town, it is still the main road. We hope to be able to move further out some day.
Beautiful scenery.

Tracy said...

Did you mean, "How providential" that God provided a place for us in the country? LOL. Yes, we do love it here. Too bad that it has grown up some since we moved here just three years ago. I was hoping for no close neighbors, but we do have some. Actually, our house is right beside a cemetary! Some people may find that creepy, but we don't mind at all!

Betty said...

I'm happy you dropped by for a visit and left a comment.

Forty-six is a record for the times we live in. My Mama and Daddy were married 67 years.

The pictures are very interesting in your posting. I like old barns. If only they could talk, the stories they could tell......

Kelli said...

Hello Tracy! Thank you for visiting my blog! Thank you for sharing the lovely pictures of your walk. I would love to live out in the country too! I love the little pond!

Karen said...

Ok, God's providence ;-)! Luck probably had nothing to do with it. I should probably be "CONTENT" with where I am right now, instead of wishing to move to the country, too. (Hee Hee Hee) Ok, ok, I'll stop.