Monday, March 19, 2007

The Making of Napkin Rings

We've been using cloth napkins exclusively for about seven years now. With a large family, I estimate that we have saved over a hundred dollars in that amount of time. Certainly not enough to make us wealthy, but a savings all the same. I have also found that it makes the simplest dinner seem more special when we sit down at a pretty table. I recently made curtains for the dining room, and had some leftover fabric. I asked Autumn if she would like to make napkin rings from it. She has done sewing in the past, but not for awhile. I thought that this would make a good project for her.

We started by cutting strips of fabric 2 inches wide, by 12 inches long. Autumn folded the right sides together, and stitched up the raw edge. She attached a safety pin to one end, turned the safety pin to the center, and worked it through so as to turn the long case right side out.

Next, she threaded the long case onto a plastic shower curtain hook. We found these at the dollar store. Fold the raw edges of the casing in, so that everything looks pretty.
Hand stitch where the two ends meet, and you're finished!

A pile of finished rings!

Aren't they pretty?


Father Mackenzie said...

Yes, they are indeed.

Betty said...

The napkin rings are adorable, so co-ordinated.

Thanks for visiting with me.

Karen said...

Very pretty Tracy and Autumn! That's a great idea of how to use up leftover fabric.

Anonymous said...

Ingenious idea for making napkin rings! I would have never thought of this...thank you for the tutorial, Tracy. :o)

Your dining room curtains are lovely - very cheery and welcoming, as is the green paint color for the walls. Happy.

Christie Belle said...

That is such a creative idea! Great job on this craft, very pretty.

Kelli said...

I LOVE this idea, Tracy!! I will have to try it!! Your napkin rings are very pretty!

Anonymous said...

Hi!! I found your blog from comments at Ashley's, and I clicked on "sewing" to see all your sewing posts. I loved everything, especially the napkin rings and that adorable pink apron. I will be back to visit the rest of your site!!

Angie said...

That is the neatest thing! I love cloth napkins, but unfortunately have not gotten them out except for "company"....but you have changed my mind!

I used to sew everything we wore (except hubby of course---but there was the Sunday School Luau....made us matching shirts) (not sure if my spelling is correct)....but I still love to sew, just haven't in some time. But you are an inspiration.
Thanks for sharing. :)

Daughter of the King said...

What a clever idea...can you tell that I am browsing your blog today...
WA. State
BTW....When I took Emilie Barnes classes...she was a advocate of using cloth a sheet and making a tablecloth and I think 15 inch napkins to go with...FYI... :-)

Shannon said...

Those rings are so pretty! A fun, simple project for the aspiring seamstress. What brand/pattern of fabric did you use? It matches the curtains perfectly-and they are beautiful by the way!

Tracy said...

I don't remember the fabric brand, but I know it was a decorator fabric. It was left over from my curtains.