Friday, March 16, 2007

Teapot love

I sometimes enjoy a good cup of hot coffee, sweetened with one packet of the herb, stevia. I admit that it tastes good after a meal and while enjoying dessert. Especially chocolate. But deep in my heart, I am a tea girl. I love regular, English breakfast, orange spice, Earl Grey, and peppermint when I have a headache. I keep a basket of assorted flavors and brands in the kitchen cupboard. Loose leaf, and bags. I admit that I don't drink tea everyday, but I really enjoy it on the days that I do. Even greater is my love for teapots than for the tea. If you have never had tea from a teapot, I suggest that you try it. In my opinion, it tastes worlds better brewed in a pot than in a cup. And, the teapots are so much fun to look at!

This was the first teapot to enter my home and my heart. I love the bright,
cherry red color. It looks very pleasant. Do you know what that is
beside the teapot? It is a butter bell.
It appears to have a lid, but when lifted, there is an inverted cup attached.
It holds precisely one stick of butter.
Place 1/3 cup of cold water in the crock,
invert the bell and place it inside the crock. This creates an airtight seal.
Spreadable butter, that doesn't turn rancid!

I love the beautiful hand painting on this Polish pottery. The blue is such a vibrant shade.This is a large capacity pot.It holds about 8 cups. This set was a gift from Verne and Collin.
Verne bought the teapot; Collin the base that it sits on.
The base takes a tea light candle, and keeps your beverage warm. How genius!

I not only love this set because of its functionality, and the sentimentalism of who gave it to me,
but because it represents my Polish heritage. We do nice work!

For Christmas one year, Autumn gave me this cheery pot
that I had been adoring for months. Abigail graced me with the matching mug.
The next year, my mother-in-love completed the set by sending me the
pitcher and sugar/creamer set to match. I love this set. It makes me happy when I look at it.
These are the main colors that I use in my kitchen;
golden yellow, red, and green.

This Aladdin's lamp- style vessel belonged to Verne's paternal grandmother.
It has a matching saucer to sit upon.
For aesthetic purposes, this pot is my least favorite, but ohhh, does it pour well!
A real pleasure to use.

This English antique pot was a Christmas gift from my mother and father-in-love.
Although my children did not think I should, I use it often. The spout works very well.

Why have something if you can't use it?

Wouldn't you love to sit in a warm kitchen on a cool autumn day,
sipping tea from this little cutie?

I like the rustic charm of this pot that was given to me by Abigail.
The touches of brown actually make it look as though it is chipped,
even though it is not. The pine cone design is perfect for Christmas,
but woodsy enough to be used all year long!

Christmas teapots! Grandma indulged me with the gingerbread pot. My kitchen abounds with gingerbread men and girls during the Christmas season.
The snowmen are cute as well.

I adore the look of this old-fashioned, elegant looking teapot.
It's perfect for any occasion. Too bad that it drips when it pours.
Oh well, we use it anyway!

I love this pretty pink, tulip- shaped pot. It has been used quite frequently this spring.
The capacity is small, about 4 cups. Grandma adores this teapot as well.

Autumn and I went to a local florist shop in search of an arrangement,
and discovered this pretty green treasure.

It is 10 1/2 inches tall, and 16 inches from the end of the handle to the tip of the spout.
And when you turn it around, it is a snack holder. Clever!

Too much to dust? Actually, I use every teapot.
The entire family loves tea. It is not unusual for us to have three
teapots on the counter at once, each filled with with a different brew.

Come and share a pot of tea,
my home is warm
and my friendship's free.

My lips will POUR forth praise, for you teach me your statutes. Psalm 119:171


Anonymous said...

Your teapot collection is beautiful! A teapot for every mood or occasion. :o)

Polish Pottery is gorgeous, isn't it? I have a few pieces given to me by dear friends who visited the factory in Poland. Oh goodness they loaded up and had it shipped home via USAF. He was stationed in Germany at the time. I treasure the few pieces I have. At the factory it's sooo inexpensive. Once in a while I come across pieces at TJ Maxx for good prices though - but haven't taken advantage.

Bless you!

Tina said...

I use stevia too! Wow,that is so funny. I like Oolong and green teas alot lately.

Betty said...

Yes, I think you have beautiful teapots! Where did you find the butter bell? That is unique.

Pour me a cup of tea and I'll be there shortly if only in my thoughts.......

Tracy said...

Betty, I have linked the butterbell site in my post. Just click on the cranberry words, butter bell.

Karen said...

The teapots are so pretty! I have one that was my grandmother's and it sits in my china cupboard. I need to use it more often!

Ashley said...

You have quite a collection!
They are all pretty too!
The gingerbread one has tob e my favorite though,
it is so cute!

Carmi said...

These are, quite simply, daily-usable works of art. I'm a tea person, too - I think it's genetic because I'm a writer - and there's nothing I treasure more than putting on a pot and slowly working my way through it.

It's a comforting experience that helps my brain settle in for a long stretch of writing.

Thank you for this wonderful journey.

Autumn said...

Hey Mom! I especially like the teapot that I gave you!!!

Christie Belle said...

Oh, I love all of your little teapots, especially the red one;) My kitchen is done in reds! How cute.

Barbara said...

I so love your teapots. Have a small collection myself. Used to be larger but they do get broken over the years as I like to use them and not just have them for show. Maybe I will put them together and photo sometime.