Thursday, March 22, 2007

Turn Your Eyes Upon Jesus

This post was first published in a Lenten Devotional Guide in 1993. My pastor was compiling a small booklet to be used during the Lenten season, and asked me to be a contributor. I was a very young wife and mother at the time; only 22 in fact. My children were 4 months, and 22 months old. I felt sure that I couldn't write anything of substance, but promised that I would try. This true story is the result:

Scripture Reading: Luke 10:38-42

"Mommy, come play!"
"Later, honey, Mommy's busy right now!" How easy it is to put off our children when they are being good. I go about my daily chores: cooking, cleaning, doing dishes, etc.
"Mommy, read a book now!"
"No, Mackenzie, Mommy's working." Mackenzie goes off by himself once again, and I go back to my chores. He's been quiet a little too long and I go to check on him. He's gotten into something that he shouldn't have. I lose my temper, and I yell. At wit's end, I sit down with Mackenzie on my knee, and a book in my hand. I give him the attention he's been asking for. I feel better, and so does he.
We spend a long time together- reading, playing, and cuddling. He hugs me, and all of a sudden it doesn't matter if I get all of my housework done. Isn't my relationship with my son more important than a little dust, or the dishes in the sink?

Don't we all put our daily chores before our relationships once in a while? How often do we "put off" Jesus when our lives are going smoothly? For some of us, it is only when we need something that we go to Him. Wouldn't our relationship with our Savior be better if we sat down and took the time to pray before we had a problem? Wouldn't we be happier? We should remember that our first "chore" of every day should be to work on our relationship with Jesus.

Every morning lean thine arms awhile upon the windowsill of Heaven and gaze upon the Lord. Then, with that vision in thy heart turn strong to meet the day. -Heartland Samplers Inc.


Ash said...

I am guilty of getting wrapped up in to do lists all the time, and just as you said, my little one gets into something he knows he isn't supposed to have, and then I get angry. Thank you for this post, I need to step back sometimes and realize the important things in life, like cuddling, playing and reading with him. He will be grown before I know it. It does seem sometimes like we put off a relationship with Jesus when our lives are good, and run to him only with our problems, I know I do sometimes. I really try hard to work on having a relationship with him always, and not only when it is convenient.

Karen said...

At least it was waxed paper and not flour!!! LOL.
All kidding aside, you are right on with this post. I've been guilty of the same things along the years of mothering, and my walk with Jesus. Well said, Tracy.

Diane said...

Tracy, I think your words ring as true today as they did years ago! Wise encouragment indeed! Thank you as well for visiting my blog and the kind comment you left. Please visit often! I love how blogging has become a way to build community amoung like minded people! Blessings, Diane

Christie Belle said...

I think we have all been guilty of this at some point. Thanks for the reminder that relationships are more important, especially our relationship with our Heavenly Father.
Hugs, Christie