Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Vintage Treasures

Collin is growing like a weed. He seemed to stay the same size forever, and now we can't keep him in clothes. As I was combing through boxes in the attic the other evening looking for dress pants that Mac had outgrown, I remembered some linens that had been given to me long ago. I knew the exact location of the box that they were tucked away in, and proceeded to get them out.

After climbing down out of the hot attic, I shared my find with Autumn. The next day I washed and pressed my treasures. I then went into Grandma's room, sat on the floor, and presented them for her to see. Her eyes shone as she exclaimed, "Where did you get those?" You see, what I was holding were towels that HER grandmother Bickert had made. Grandma will be 83 in May, so these are quite old. Well over 100 years.

I've decided to use these linen hand towels in my master bathroom. Grandma agreed that they are better used than stashed in an attic. I've shown three towels here, but each one actually has a "mate". Six towels in all!
click to enlarge detail

The amount of time that went into these everyday objects amazes me!
My favorite!

This beautiful cut work handkerchief was made by my great-great Grandma Bickert, as well. I carried this as the "something old" on my wedding day.


Anonymous said...

You have some precious treasures in your posession! How beautiful! I have a few of my Great Grandmother Lula's treasures too, including the gloves and handkerchief she tatted for her wedding day in the late 1800's. I don't know how to tat but I do embroider which I've taught my daughter - we've begun making our own you embroider?

Tracy said...

Haus Frau,
No, I have not attempted embroidery, yet. I do however love to cross-stitch and have done MANY intricate projects. I've taught both girls, and they have completed several projects as well. I also love quilting. Embroidery is on my list of things to learn!(0:

Trella said...

What treasures you found. How neat to have had that for your wedding day.
I have an armoir of my great-grandmother and is specail in my heart. I would have loved to have something made.

Patrick & Rachel said...

They are beautiful!!! I have some small table top linens that are similar. I loved them and packed them away somewhere. I should find them and use them.

Lori B said...

That is very neat! Thanks for sharing your vintage treasures with us! I have a few of those types of things too that were my grandma's.

Also, thanks for dropping by my blog and commenting. I love new faces. Please feel free to come back and comment anytime.

What age is your son?
My kids are: Megan age 4 1/2 almost 5 and Derek age 8 1/2 - 2nd grade.
I notice my kids are growing out of their clothes too. Good thing it is spring and summer.
I hate to buy Derek new jeans when it is this close to the end of the school year.

P.S. I like to cross stitch too.

Karen said...

How special! I found some linen hand towels that were embroidered in my great aunt's attic, but they didn't survive the heat.
Yours are beautiful!

Christie Belle said...

How beautiful these are. And how special. What a neat treasure to carry on your wedding day!