Friday, April 13, 2007

Quirky Things about Me

The latest post on some of my favorite blogs has lists of things about the writer that others may find strange. Or endearing. Or scary. However you look at it, as long as we're all confessing, here are some of the quirky things about me:

1. I am not a picky eater, but I have a list. A slimy list. I cannot eat things with a slimy texture. A partial listing of these foods would include, but not be limited to: Jello, cooked mushrooms, jelly, canned peaches, gummy worms and bears , and fat on meats.

2. I am germ-phobic. I have an entire routine for washing my hands in a public place. Turn on the water, use soap, rinse hands, grab a towel, dry hands, grab another towel to turn the water off. Grab another towel to open the restroom door, use hand sanitizer once outside the restroom. I also have to kick the flusher. I carry hand sanitizer in my purse, and use it often.

3. I get very bored with my hair. I let it grow long, tire of it, and cut it short. Repeat cycle. Thankfully, it grows fast!

4. My house is my domain. If it is cluttered and dirty, I get very depressed. I don't care what your house looks like, as long as mine is clean, I feel okay.

5. I hate crowds. I get very anxious if even the grocery store is extremely busy. If I know everyone, I am fine.

6. I love quiet. Too much noise and I feel jittery.

7. The big confession: Although I am an extremely conservative, Christian woman, I have a small butterfly tattoo on the top of my foot. It can be easily hidden by even a flip-flop. And hopefully all of my readers won't run... although you already knew that I wasn't perfect!

Your turn. What makes you weird?


Anonymous said...

Oh my. I can completely nod in the affirmative with points 2, 3, 6, and um......7 to a point. No tattoo but I've always wanted a pierced nose but I know that would be grounds for divorce in my husband's mind (not really but you know what I mean...don't you?). I even went so far as to purchase a magnetic nose jewel to play a trick on my hubby. I couldn't stop laughing so he knew I wasn't serious. I'm Miss Conservative with a twist.

Soon we may have the least visited blogs, Tracy.

Jennifer said...

I love it!

What is perfection anyway? We don't strive for perfection in people's eyes, only in God's eyes.

Thanks for sharing your 'weird' attributes :o)

Mrs.B. said...

Your list was great Tracy, thanks for playing along!

I'm with you on most of your slimy foods lists and I also don't like crowds either.

Trella said...

What a very insightful and fun post.
One of my daughters and husband is the same way about crowds and noise.

Samantha said...

I love your list!

I was laughing my head off when I read your #2 quirk. That sounds so much like my public restroom routine!

Oh and I am pretty conservative myself, but when I was younger I got a tiny star tatoo on my lower back. Yuck! I sure regret that, but it always reminds me where God has brought me since then. Mostly because mine was done in rebellion as a teenager. Thanks for sharing Tracy, and I bet your tatoo is much cuter than mine :)

Tina said...

a tattoo?.. A TATTOO?!? WHAT???!!! O...The horror!

Of course you realize, now I have no choice but to shun you.

Jennifer said...

I love your list!

I'm very much like that in public bathrooms too. We always have "han-san" (hand sanitizer) in the car.

I also like quiet. I'm the same way about getting jittery when around loud noises. I can't stand to go to someone's house for a visit and to have a loud TV on in the back-ground! I just can't focus with a lot of "racket".

And the crowd thing gets me too. I have to have my personal space!

Have a lovely weekend!

Becky said...

I could be your twin on #2,3,4,5,6. I have to say I do NOT have a tatoo of any kind. But ... here's a confession for you ... I won't run from yours :)

Lori B said...

I am not a picker eater either. I can relate to 2, 3, 4, 5 , and 6 also.
I worn my hair long between my shoulders to a short cut. Now mine is shoulder length.
I don't have a tattoo though.

Anna said...

YOU GO GIRL! I love that you have a tattoo! I dont have one, I actually chicken out in the chair!

You are admired. :)

Kelli said...

Tracy, we have so much in common!! I am the same way with my house. It has to be at least tidy or I can't think straight and I actually get jealous when I visit a home that looks more lived in. I wish I could relax a bit more. LOL My children don't have this problem judging by their closets.

I'm the same way with crowds, I get claustophobic very easily.

I'm going to tell you a little secret. I have always wanted a tatoo, but I'm terrified of needles. My sister has a small butterfly on her upper back and I thought it would be neat if all the sisters in our family got the same one! It's a no-go though! LOL

I had fun reading your list!

CaraqueƱa said...

Hey, your list was funny...can't say that I am at all the same. I'm picky, but not too picky. You would probably never know it. My "confession" is that even though we are what you would call VERY conservative, I love toe rings and wear them whenever I can~when it won't offend someone that is! Happy day!

PortraitofPeter said...

I so agree with your confessional and can relate with everything you say.

Except: Category (3) - alas the misfortunes of life!!

Blessings to you and you family this weekend and thank you so much for sharing this wonderful post.

Christy said...

LOL Tracy. I also hate slimy foods-okra and squash make me GAG. And I am a southerner!!
I used to want a tattoo...but the thought of needles and infection made me chicken out. In college all of my friends went one night, they dragged me along and I spent the entire two hours throwing up in the bathroom because the sight grossed me out so much...
I am a wimp.

Michelle said...

I am completely with you on number 4. I honestly don't even notice other people's messes. But when it comes to my own house, depression is the right word! With the depression comes this inablity to get moving, so the house usually gets worse until I have a spurt of energy.

Christie Belle said...

I love the honesty! Nobody is perfect, and I'm sure that nobody is going to run b/c of your butterfly;) We have a lot in commmon, I hate large crowds, have to have a clean house, and have a very similar public bathroom routine, lol.

Karen said...

Heeheeheehee!!!Were you spying on me in the ladie's room????
IDENTICAL routine!!!
I hate crowds, too, and avoid them if I can. I prefer to shop in the early morning hours.
And, IF I had a tatoo, it would be where yours is because, as I've told my girls, age tends to "settle" "things" that it would be really strange in the doctor's office at age 70 with a stretched out, sagging, tatoo! LOL!

Tracy said...

Samantha, Caraquena, and Michelle,

Welcome to my blog. I hope that you will visit again soon!

Barbara said...

Sorry about the cold. I have beens baby sitting my grandson Oliver for 2 days as he was not allowed to go to nusery as he had a cold. If only we could put them to bed to sleep it off!

I think we are kindred spirits. I join you in 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 but I do not have a tattoo. I know how you feel when your house is full of guests staying. Nipping around and cleaning bathrooms and handles and door knobs etc as soon as they go out.

Candy said...

Hahaa I loved this Tracy!
And that you have a tatoo hahaaa
My secret.... like Kelli ..I always wanted one, but no go for me either. You know what I always husbands name ..Rob.. tatooed on my ring finger (under my ring). Is that wierd. Maybe thats a wierd thing about me. But I dont think I will ever get one, I dont have the nerve. Im afraid of needles. Im also very conservative too and shy so, probably wont happen. But I love that you shared this!