Sunday, April 1, 2007

Sunday with My Sweetheart

I love sitting beside my husband during worship every Sunday morning. Worship is a very serious event, and I love knowing that my beloved feels the same way that I do, and that we are there as a family to glorify God. I love catching glimpses of my children taking in the word of God. Such a sweet time.

Verne and I took a walk this afternoon. There is a valley behind us, and the land belongs to our home builder. We had asked permission to bring some of the trees from the valley into our yard. Verne adores the redbud trees. He wanted to bring one to the backyard, and plant it close to some bird houses that he had put out. "Yes, you should have fun," our eldest son quipped as we headed out the door. "This will be good, quality time spent together." The funny thing is, he was being serious. We walked over the hill, my hand in Verne's.

If you have ever a dug out a redbud tree, you know that they have quite a grand root system for their comparatively small size. This means much digging. Verne dug; I waited. I would shout, "How's it coming?" He would answer, "It's coming! I almost have it now." This went on for quite awhile. I got bored, and began to wander. There's not really much to see in the valley, but I did enjoy the beautiful sunshine, and the light breeze in my hair. I took a photo that turned out much better than I anticipated. I also took several that didn't turn out well at all.

click to enlarge detail

Verne got the tree planted, and the birds are enjoying it already. A perfect day!


Karen said...

Beautiful picture, Tracy! I don't ever have as much success. Christie's camera is so much better.
It sounds like you had a peaceful, enjoyable Lord's day together.

Anonymous said...

Precious time with one's sweetie. A day just right. :o)

The redbud tree picture is beautiful. I don't know that we have this tree in Northern California...

Anna S said...

My heart rejoiced while I was reading your post. You are so blessed! And even better, you know it and are full of gratitude for your blessings! Your husband and children are fortunate, living in an atmosphere of love, joy and peace.
When I pray for a husband every night before I go to sleep, this is just the picture I have in mind - enjoying quiet time with my family and building memories together.

Ash said...

Sounds like a wonderful day. I have many many trees around my house but no redbuds, I love redbud trees, they are beautiful. Lovely picture.

Trella said...

What a wonderful post and way to spend the day. It sounded so sweet.

Lori B said...

I too love times spent with my husband.
We love to go for walks too.

I told Derek that you loved his Steelers shirt. He just grinned.

Diane said...

Beautiful pictures of the trees and bluebird! Glad to hear you had a special day together...another blessing from the Lord! Diane

Christie Belle said...

Oh what a sweet day, I'm sorry I am so behind on reading your posts! I'm trying to catch up now!!! I love the pinecone picture, by the way:)