Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Tagged...Real Mums

I've been tagged! Barbara at Ramblings from an English Garden tagged me. The subject? Real Mums. Oh, I can hear her lovely English accent as I type the words, and it lifts my spirits!

Real Mums

Love adopted children as though they bore them themselves

Can't wait until the pregnant belly shows

Could hold their new babies forever and gaze at the sweet sleeping face

Love the smell of a freshly bathed baby

Get up in the middle of the night without a complaint

Plan birthday celebrations even if no one else is invited

Assign household chores and teach their children how to do them correctly so that they will be prepared for the future

Can kiss a boo-boo and make it all better

Accept sticky kisses and dirty arms around their necks with no fear of their hair or clothes being mussed

Readily set an extra place at the table when their child unexpectedly invites a friend for dinner

Are good listeners and trusted confidants

Are prepared to be hated at times

Teach their children to have good manners and respect

Give their children roots and wings

Teach their children about the Lord

Pray for their children without ceasing

That is my "short" list! I'm tempted to tag all of my readers, but I won't. So, I tag Sherry, Karen, Kelli, and Christy.


Trella said...

So true! Very insightful post, and I can tell you are a "real mum".

Jennifer said...

So sweet!

Sheri said...

Thank you for those "real mum" thoughts! You are such a wonderful example to us younger mommies. Thank you Tracy! And, keep teaching and praying...

Barbara said...

Gosh, never expected you to be that quick.
Just wated to say "Things are so easy when you know how"
I was obviously misreading your comment for ages. I tried time and time again and the penny just clicked. I've done it!! Thank you so much.

PortraitofPeter said...

Your answers are so sweet and from the heart.


Becky said...

Very good list. I love those. It's the toughest job!

I wrote mine since I was tagged along with you. I'll post it tomorrow.

Jennifer said...

you make me appreciate all the mother figures in my life....

Christie Belle said...

I can tell you are a wonderful mother, beautiful post, Tracy. Wonderful list:)

Becky said...

What am I going to do to pamper the Butler??? Well, for starters, I am going to make HIS coffee for a change :)

Karen said...

I love your list, Tracy! Especially, waiting on the expanding belly! I can still remember that feeling.

Betty said...

Very good thoughts from a very good 'Mom' I'm sure.....

Thank you for visiting me. I love visitors....Please come again.