Saturday, May 26, 2007

Dinner at Olive Garden

Becky, Please stop running around the table! Sit down, and behave.

We arrived at Aunt Janet and Uncle Dink's house. Sheila was there, too. We enjoyed several hours on the deck, and then they took us out for a yummy dinner at Olive Garden. We are on our way back to the house now. Abigail did spill her drink.

Uncle Dink treats Abigail just like he did me when I was younger. Sheila and I are six months apart in age. She's older than me. When we were younger she thought that was great. Who's laughing now? The children have enjoyed hearing stories from our past. Sheila and I spent every summer together. She's an only child, and I was the only girl, so we had loads of fun. And fights. Boy did we fight. I'll tell you some more stories tomorrow!

Thanks for travelling along with us!

PS- Ruth, the laptop has a wireless internet card. Ain't technology grand? Oh, what poor English! It IS vacation!


Gena said...

I'm so thrilled that you're having a good time. I love North Carolina and especially Asheville. I have family up there.

Stay safe and enjoy the rest of your vacation and the beautiful NC mountain weather.

Becky said...

Oh, you are too funny! I want more bread sticks!

Penless Thoughts said...

Sounds like you're having one grand time :o)

Ruth said...

Ooooo...I love Olive Garden!! I can't wait to hear your stories.

Well, I knew about wireless internet, but I didn't think it was possible from a car. I guess they do it in planes... but, I STILL didn't think you could connect from a car. How cool!!

Emily said...

Sounds like you're all having a great time Tracy! So glad to hear it. Thanks for sharing your vacation with us, it's great to be a "part" of it with you. Blessings to you all :)

Anna S said...

I'm so glad you're enjoying yourselves :) Hope you continue having a great time and waiting for more updates!

Lori B said...

I agree. It is so neat that you can post and comment while on your trip.
Wireless internet is grand.