Friday, May 4, 2007

Show and Tell Friday #3

This is my 100th post!

To participate in this fun activity, head over to Kelli's house.

Today I'm showing a very big dog for Alaina. His name was Sherman's Tank. (his dad's name was Sherman, but we thought it was a funny military name. ) We only called him Tank.

Tank was a fawn colored English Mastiff. He was huge, but very laid back. In fact, he was lazy. Too lazy to step over the sweeper if it was sitting in the middle of the floor. He was also deathly afraid of cats.

Somewhat like a child,Tank had selective hearing. He would be outside, and I would call him in. He would ignore me, acting as though he hadn't even heard my voice. BUT, if I got angry and yelled, "Tanker-buddy, get your buns in this house!", he would come running.

Tank was a gift to me when I was in high school. I asked for a Newfoundland and my parents brought Tank home instead. He was a puppy, but the size of a full grown Cocker Spaniel. I quickly fell in love.


Trella said...

He was big! What a lovely dog, and I love the pictures of him and you.

Kelli said...

Great photos! Tank looks very lovable! Too funny that he was afraid of cats! LOL Grace saw your pictures too and said, "I love that kind of dog." :0)

Anonymous said...

For pity sake, Tank was bigger than *you*, Tracy! I love Mastiffs. I love most any dog larger than a football (read: no yip dogs). Years ago while on a walk in our town we stopped by a local ice cream place (just happened by it donchaknow) and there sat two mastiffs. Huge. Babies to their masters. One was Tinkerbell, the other Fifi. Too funny.

You're adorable in these pictures.

Momma Roar said...

I love dogs, all kinds! I only ever saw one Mastiff up close and boy, was she big. Those were great photos, thanks for sharing them.
Congrats on the 100th post. I'm two away rom my 100th!!

Jenn4Him said...

What a perfect name for him!

Lori B said...

Wow! He is a big dog. I agree he was bigger than you. Cute pictures.
Thanks for sharing.
I also want to wish you congrats on your 100th post.
I'm getting closer to my 100th post too. It will be another week or two as I don't post everyday of the week.

Susie said...

That is a huge dog!
My cat is afraid of most everything, especially dogs!!
Congratulations on 100 posts!

Amber said...

Oh how funny! I love his name. I cracked up that he was afraid of cats. He seemed like a wonderful dog. I have heard wonderful things about Mastiffs.

Thanks for stopping by my blog, also :)

LBP said...

Tank is so cute! (and big). My dog is afraid of the cat too!

Sharon said...

I love dogs and posted about ours today, also! Tank looked so sweet. I laughed to hear that he was afraid of cats. I

Marci said...

That is NOT a dog. It's a HORSE!!! Hee hee. My brother and his family have one of these dogs. I am always amazed at how big he really is. That is hysterical that he was afraid of cats.

Beach Girl said...

If I ever got another dog, it would be a big ol' puppy like that!

Afraid of cats, that's too funny.

I am looking forward to meeting you; I have another email in the works. :-)


PEA said...

Well the name sure fit the dog! lol What a gorgeous animal!! It's so funny to see such big dogs actually being scared of cats:-) Congratulations on your 100th post!! xox

Morning Glory said...

Great pictures! He's sure a sweet looking, very BIG dog.

Becky said...

He IS a Tank! Wow! I think my first car was that size (hehe).

Congratulations on your 100th post. I need to check that on my site. I know I am not too far behind you.

Barbara H. said...

So funny that such a big dog was so afraid of cats! He's gorgeous, and I'm glad he is such a good friend.

Barbara H. @ Stray Thoughts

dot said...

Now that's a dog!!

Sheri said...

Oh Tank is adorable! Dogs are such special friends!

Christy said...

I love mastiffs-they are so massive but so gentle :)

Congrats on 100 posts!! I am so glad you have this blog!

Karen said...

Tank is so cool! He just had such a friendly face!
Congratulations on your 100th post. I completely forgot to look for that on mine! LOL
I'm catching up with my blog reading tonight, and I will show Alaina your post!

Kelley said...

Tracy, Tank is adorable!
I shared my dog too today...we must have been thinking along the same lines!

Oh and thanks for telling me that the white color was hard to read, I appreciate it!

Have a blessed weekend!

Pam said...

Oh I just love big dogs! The bigger the better and isn't it cute how they seem to always be the biggest babies! *giggles*

Thanks for visiting my blog. I have really enjoyed participating in this, my first, show and tell and meeting new bloggity friends! I have seen your comments and photo around but I don't think I have ever visited your blog before. What a sweet blog!

Anna S said...

What a big dog... and yet so cute!

I used to be terribly afraid of dogs before a friend of mine got a really huge one that attempts to lick my face whenever he sees me.

Ruth said...

He is beautiful. Pets can become such an important part of us and our family when they are the "right one." He looks like he was the right one!!

100 posts?! Wow! It'll be awhile before I reach that. Congrats!!

Christie Belle said...

Oh how cute is that HUGE dog! I love big dogs, they make such great pals! Plus, congrats on your 100th post!!!