Friday, May 18, 2007

What I'm Currently Reading

I've recently stumbled upon a lovely new (to me) blog entitled In Beauty and In Grace. Just the name was enchanting to me, and then I started reading. This blog is the journey of a homeschooling family of two girls. The pictures are lovely, as is the mood of the writing. I love knowing that there are so many other moms out there who have the same ideas that I do. I'm so happy to have connected to many of you through this blog.

The most recent post on the aforementioned blog was a tag. And so, I have been tagged to disclose just what it is that I'm currently reading. Sadly, my list is not very long at the moment. I am an avid reader, but with our school year drawing to a close, and a vacation fast approaching, reading has taken a bit of a backseat for me. Here is what is on my list:

The Bible: I'm trying to read through in a year, but I didn't start in January. Currently, I'm in Numbers and Mark.

For a Glory and a Covering by Douglas Wilson. Normally I read very quickly, but I have been taking my time going through this book. This writing beautifully illustrates what marriage was intended to be: "a glorious picture of the gospel." It's a great reminder for those who have been married a long time, but would make a lovely gift for engaged couples or newlyweds.

Beautiful Girlhood revised by Karen Andreola. I been reading this book aloud to my daughters, Autumn and Abigail. We discuss each chapter as we finish it. I love how this book teaches the girls to be feminine, and happy no matter their circumstances. It teaches them to cherish being a girl, and not rush to be a woman. This doesn't mean days free of responsibilities, but rather enjoying the process of growing and maturing.

The Little Girl's Treasury compiled by Annie Brooks. I've been using this book every night as I put Abigail to bed. We snuggle up, and enjoy a moral filled chapter. It has been most enjoyable.

I daresay that many children in America today would not understand the vocabulary in Beautiful Girlhood and the Little Girl's Treasury. We do not have a problem because we have read these sorts of books since our children were tiny. I'll often wonder, "Does Abigail really get this?" Oh, but she does. When we discuss the stories after reading, she understood better than I could have imagined. Read to your children. Make sure that they have access to as many books as possible. And make sure that they are quality books! Reading garbage produces garbage.

I have many books on my want to read list, but for now, this is the short of it.
Instead of tagging, I'll just say that if you read this and want to participate, join in! I know that many of you list your current reading selections on your sidebar, but you could still do a little review for us. The pictures are of just a few of my bookshelves. Oh, how I love good books! Happy reading!


Sheri said...

Tracy - The Little Girl's Treasury & Beautiful Girlhood sound like wonderful books. What ages are they appropriate for? As we have just begun this home school (well, life journey!) with our 4 year old and 1 year old girls, I do struggle to find good books for them. Granted, there are many out there, but I am wondering your specific suggestions for pre-schoolers?

Love to meet fellow bloggers who enjoy reading!

And, glad you liked my new blog color changes, etc. Yours is just beautiful too! I’m a yellow loving girl. It’s such a happy color!

Anna S said...

Good reading is so important for educating children! I will be eternally grateful for Mom filling the house with classics and fine literature instead of trashy detective and romance novels.

Becky said...

I love to read too. One of the sad things about not teaching anymore is that I will not have the joy of snuggling up with a child (or 21 in my case) to read. Right now I am reading "The Secret Garden" to my students. We all sit/lay on the floor. I lean up against a wall and I invariably have a little girl on each shoulder. Friday I was delighted to realize that one of them had put her arm around me and was twirling my hair in her fingers as I read. I don't even think she knew she was doing it. So sweet.

About Chelsea Morning. I must have called her by the wrong name. Her name is Barb. Her sister is Bev and I must have typed it by mistake. Anyway, her URL is She is a delight to read and I love her. She does not comment too often so that is why you did not find her I'm sure. This past couple of weeks have been horrendous for her and if you read her blog you will catch up and see why she is not spending hours pouring over other people's right now. But you will love her I'm sure. If this URL does not work, let me know please and I will be delighted to put in a link for you on my blog.

Have a great weekend Tracy.

Becky said...

Forgot to say how BEAUTIFUL your place looks today. I love what you've done. Those lillies are lovely and go so nicely with the new background color. So pretty. Thanks for the cheering.

Trella said...

I love the new look of your blog, and I have been wanting to read Beautiful Girlhood. You have inspired me to buy it.

Gena said...


I read Beautiful Girlhood with my oldest daughter and now that Jamie is 13, she is next in line. It is a great book and I think there is even a study guide to go with it.

I try to read my Bible each day. I tend to pick a scripture that I need for the day (or I try to let the Lord lead me to the perfect place).

I do list the books I am currently reading on my sidebar. Actually, I list the books that I remember that I am reading. I'm always reading about 10 books at a time, it seems, but certain ones are read each day. I also read magazines, cookbooks, homeschool publications and anything else that interests me. Each month I even read my mother's AARP magazine! There is some really good stuff in there.

Karen said...

Tracy, I read Beautiful Girlhood to Alaina this year for part of school. It's a wonderful book!! I am an avid reader, too, so I appreciate the recommendations.
Enjoy the rest of your week-end!

(I was surprised when I came over and saw your new "do". I LIKE it!) Did you go to the Minima Stretch? I tried that, but ended up having to redo too much on my sidebars.

Ruth said...

I love the new look! Great library you have, too. Over the summer, I hope to read more as well.

Tracy said...

I would recommend Beautiful Girlhood for ages 8 and up. The Little Girl's Treasury may be able to be done a little earlier, but you would have to talk about every little story to make sure that she understood the vocabulary, and the point trying to be made. Not a problem for me, as I prefer that approach anyway. I'm thinking about your question as to books for preschoolers. Let me get back to you on that!

The link works, thank you! Oh, how sweet about the little girl twirling your hair! I KNOW that you will miss that part of teaching!

I have been using the minima stretch for quite awhile now. It must just look different because of the color. The lilies were a gift from mac for Mother's Day. Aren't they beautiful?

Kimberly Alexandra said...

I had to laugh when I clicked on the pictures of your bookshelves. They almost mirror my own! :0)

I also wanted to thank you for ALL of the comments you've left. That's something I'm not very good at I'm afraid, and maybe even less over the next few weeks as we are moving. But I'll try harder.


Beck said...

Beautiful Girlhood is the all-time favorite books of one of my best friends - I should probably read it one of these days!

Lori B said...

I love to read.
Thanks for sharing what you are reading with us. I will have to check into some of those titles.