Friday, June 8, 2007

A Falsehood

1. I've never worn braces. True. Four of my front teeth are capped because of my major bike accident, but I was blessed with naturally straight teeth.

2. I've been paid to do calligraphy. For businesses and individuals. True. I took a class in high school and loved it. I practiced all of the time. I answered an ad in the newspaper for an office supply store who needed someone to fill out certificates, etc. if people requested it. It wasn't very steady, but the work trickled in. I've done quite a few things for individuals as well. I also hand calligraphered all of our wedding envelopes and thank you cards.

3. I once met astronaut John Glenn, and the United States Treasurer in the same day. True. We lived in Dayton, Ohio, and a friend of mine called me early one morning. She said that they were going to be releasing the new state quarter at the Air Force Museum at 9:30 AM. We lived about 10 minutes away from the museum, so we got dressed, and off we went. We were handed our quarters by famous Ohioans, and the Treasurer of the United States. A very cool last minute field trip! Isn't homeschooling grand?

4. It was my job to cut the grass even though I have three brothers. True. Yes, I did have three brothers, but one day I cut the grass. My job was neater than the boys' so it stuck with me. I didn't really mind. I was alone for hours and got a good tan!

5. I wore purple to school for an entire year. Everything was purple. My shirts, pants, dresses...True. Ughhh. I was on a purple kick, and while school shopping I picked out everything purple. I really don't like purple anymore. But it is Verne's favorite!

6. I attended a basketball game where I got see Michael Jordan play while he was with the Chicago Bulls. True. Yes, I did get to see Michael Jordan play! Verne's boss had season tickets to the Cleveland Cavaliers. We got to go to several games. I always rooted for the Cavs, until they played the Bulls. It was the year 1991, and the Bulls won the NBA Championship!

7. I can tell when it is 3 PM everyday with no clock in sight. I'm very accurate. True I don't know why, but I get very tired for a brief period of time everyday at exactly 3 PM. It doesn't matter what time I get up or what time I go to bed.

8. I considered joining the Marines for a short period of time. True Sadly, this is true. Remember, I do have three brothers. I had to be tough growing up. I wasn't encouraged to be feminine. My dad was in the Marines, and I thought "How bad could it be?" I decided not to pursue that any farther though. Boy, am I glad!

9. I grew up ice skating on ponds, lakes, and even my driveway. I loved practicing downhill skiing in my backyard. False I did grow up ice skating on ponds, lakes, and yes, even my driveway. BUT, I did not practice downhill skiing in the backyard. We had a great hill for sled riding, but I've only skied once. It scared me to death, even though I didn't fall. Once was enough for me!

Thanks for playing along.


Becky said...

Rats! That's the one I wanted to guess. You fooled me I guess. The downhill skiing part is the part that threw me too. Oh, well.

YOu have done some interesting things. And met and seen some interesting people. That was fun to read. Thanks for playing with me.

Ruth said...

LOL! You got me. Good one!!

Christie Belle said...

Shoot, you got me on this one. Good job:)

Karen said...

oooh, you're tricky hiding it in a partial truth!!!
Good job!

Lori B said...

I was wrong too.
Neat to learn all of these things about you.

Beck said...

You know what's funny? I wore almost all purple in grade seven, too - I think a lot of creative girls go through a purple phase!
I still like purple, actually - but wisely and not too much.

Momma Roar said...

This was fun - missed it the first time around, though! Can I encourage you to give skiing another chance? I'm so excited for our children to get a little bigger to take them along on those family trips!

swansdepot said...

I've met John Glenn too! He goes to the same church as my grandparents in Houston, and we met him on Easter Sunday years ago.