Monday, June 11, 2007


I could have written several posts today, but decided to combine a variety of topics into one. I hope that you'll find something of interest. You can click on any of the pictures to enlarge them.

Last week after returning home from vacation, Grandma wanted to get out and do a little shopping. Grandma is a card sender. She is very faithful to send cards for birthdays, anniversaries, graduations, weddings, etc. She loves Hallmark, so off we went. Upon going to one little town, we found their Hallmark to be lacking. Someone should really report this store to the Hallmark police. They most definitely should not qualify to carry the name. So, I offered to drive Grandma to another small town. Before we left the first small town we stopped at a darling little gift shop in hopes that they would have cards. No, they didn't. But, they did have this beautiful teapot! And my sweet Grandma made it mine!

In our travels, we stopped at a book store. I bought Collin and Abigail each one book. Collin received this:

Collin is thoroughly enjoying this book. He has been devouring it for days.

Abigail received the first book in the Millie Keith Series. She recently finished the Elsie Dinsmore series, and Millie is Elsie's second cousin. Abigail has been saving $50 that she received from my parents for Christmas. After reading the first book, she asked me to take her back to the bookstore to purchase the remaining books in the series. I was thrilled. She had been saving for a Game Boy, and chose these books instead. Verne and I both gave her our blessing, and told her that we were proud of her decision.

A few days later, I stopped at the thrift store and found these beautiful little glasses for 75 cents each! I can't wait to do something special with them.

I've spent my weekend scrapbooking photos from our vacation. I found the prettiest summery book to put them in. I had to drag out all of my supplies, and I went to work. It was slow going getting started, but I'm enjoying it now. I'm doing very simple pages, as I took 358 photos. There's no room for fluff!

I've also given Mac two driving lessons this weekend. Oh dear! I really was not prepared for this. I know that driving is a huge responsibility, and I really dread driving every time I have to do it. Mac has been sixteen since April, and I knew this was coming, but I didn't know just how terrified I would be when he got behind the wheel. It's a very scary feeling, and there is so... much to teach! If you think of me, please pray that the Lord would give me peace, and that Mac would take this seriously. Not that he isn't, he really is. Yes, Verne is helping too, but I have a lot more time, and probably patience to deal with this.

My flower gardens are looking quite pretty. Here are some posies
for you to enjoy:

Thanks for stopping by, and have a wonderful day!


Becky said...

You are busy. I love your scrapbook pages. I never do too much fluff because I am too ... um ... cheap. As many pics on a page as I can get is fine with me. I need to do some catch up myself.

Your flowers are so pretty and summer-y looking. And your teapot adorable.

Good job on the driving lessons. We've done three boys and it can be nerve wracking. And I hope Abigail loves her books. I had not heard of those. But I don't have girls either.

I'm glad you are enjoying your summer days.

Karen said...

You have been busy! I know what you're going through with Mac. I did the same thing with the girls. I kept trying to stop my side of the car! LOL!
The teapot is so pretty, and will look nice with your collection.
Good for Abigail!! Alaina is also saving for a nintendo, and I hope this subsides...
The flowers are beautiful, and I love the butterfly on your header, too.

Betty said...

I like your teapot and it's even more special because your grandmother wanted to buy it for you......

The flowers are gorgeous....

Autumn Mom said...

Hi there from New Brunswick, Canada. I LOVE your little teapot and our garden!!! In New Brunswick gardening is just getting started!

Enjoyed your blog.


Anonymous said...

I like your blog color and picture changes. This one reminds me of raspberry sherbet..yum.

The Knight taught the Princess how to to keep the learning process to one parent so as not to confuse or frustrate. I'm not as patient as my hubby so he was the best choice. ;o)

Mrs. U said...

Your flowers look SO pretty!!! And your scrapbooking looks great, too!! I am one of those people who has all the stuff necessary to scrap, but just never can make myself sit down and do it. HAHA! Silly, I know!!

Mrs. U

Momma Roar said...

Your flowers are beautiful! My mom and I were just talking last night about her teaching me to drive - I had just started dating T - so they let him teach me - I am the youngest, I think they were happy to turn over the task. I was teasing my mom that if she has 'issues' with my driving to blame my hubby!! :D

Anna S said...

I love your flowers and scrapbook, Tracy. And I hope Mac is successful in his driving lessons!

Jodi said...

Oh, Tracy, there is so much in this post I can identify with in some way!

First of all, good for your grandmother and her card sending. This is one area that other bloggers have really inspired me in. I have improved beyond just having the good intention by actually following through more regularly than I used to.

My Brittany has the Elsie and Violet series. She loves them both (has re-read them a couple of times) and can't wait to get the Millie series. (I can't believe you found them in a store -- we can *never* find them. I bought hers for presents online through CBD.)

Brian is 16 (at least for a couple more weeks) :o). He just got his permit a few weeks ago. I actually enjoy driving, so I guess I don't dread the teaching as much. We did go to a large church parking lot this week so Brian could spend some time learning how to line the car up in the lane. This really helped him relax in the car, and got me off the shoulder of the road on my side of the car ~ lol.

I let him pretend the parking lines were the center lane; he lined up where he *thought* he should be - and then put it in park, got out and saw where he actually was in relationship to the lines. It suddenly clicked with him that there's a lot more room on his side of the car than he thought. I've seen a difference in his driving since then; he's more confident and the ride is smoother - lol! :o)
I'll be praying for you, though. While I don't hate it, I do understand the scariness of it! I made myself let him drive home from the permit office.

Oh - I wanted to add -- I'm not sure when your son got his permit or what your state laws are. Bri ended up waiting so long because we were actually supposed to move to a different state where he would have had to wait until he was 17 to get a permit. But you know, I'm really glad - yes really glad (so glad - I'm not sure which word to stress!) that I'm teaching him now instead of when he was 15. He's so settled now and more mature. He's easier to teach and able to work things out for himself better than he was almost 2 years ago. I know young people don't want to hear it - but I think there may be some real wisdom in making teenagers wait a bit to get their license. (just a thought!) :o)

Ashley said...


At first I thought it was way scary.
So did mom when she rode with me.

But i'm getting pretty good now.
after practice of course.


Ashley said...

Oh yeah,
Austin has the book that you got Colin,
he loves it too!

Tina said...

We bought that book for Austin too,I dont know who enoys it more....him or Allen. We also bought a copy for my great nephew,he is ony 3 years,it is never to early for a good book!

Myfriendconnie said...

I've been thinking about that boy's book. I think I'll get it now.

Lori B said...

All of your flower photos are just beautiful.

Thanks for sharing.