Wednesday, June 6, 2007

My Life has Meaning

He didn't take the easy way out last week. He could have used paper plates, and served food out of pots and pans. He didn't. He set a beautiful table, using the prettiest dishes in the house. There were two sets. Plain white, and fancier ones with beautiful tropical birds. He didn't put plastic pitchers of beverages on the table, but instead used the matching fancy pitchers. He used serving bowls, not pots that he cooked in. This meant more clean up time, and more preparation. He went above and beyond what he needed to do.

The above paragraph describes my husband, Verne, as he took care of every meal while we were vacationing. He could have taken the easy way. I would have been just fine eating off of paper plates. He would have none of it. Why? Because he wanted me to enjoy my vacation. He wanted me to feel loved, relaxed, pampered. He served me with love. He thoroughly enjoyed doing it. He beamed every evening as he received compliments from all around the table. He took pride in his work.

One morning as we lounged about watching an episode of Little House on the Prairie, it struck me. This was one of the later episodes when Laura and Almanzo were married. She was the school teacher in town. She placed stew on to cook upon arriving home. She was grading papers at the table, threw the stew into the bowls, and sat back down to her work. Almanzo tasted the stew and told Laura that it wasn't done. She hastily made an excuse, dumped the stew back into the pot, and sat back down to her papers. Almanzo picked up his guitar to pass the time.

Laura would not allow Almanzo to play in the house because it was disturbing her work. She readily admitted that she was trying to make a good impression in the town. She wanted to prove that she could be a good teacher to those who doubted it. (Hmm.. Ma ingalls certainly was a better role model than Laura!)

This all left Almanzo feeling displaced, unloved, and second-rate. He made the comment that she "set the table and served the meal with all the love and care that she took to slop the pigs!"
Oh my! Verne was watching too, and commented, "That Almanzo's a smart man not wanting his woman to work!"

And it all came together for me. So many people belittle homemakers. BUT, my husband is pleased with how I take care of our home. He wants it to be tidy, and welcoming. A place of refuge at the end of the day. He wants my attentions focused on him, not outside interests that will impress the world. I was created to be his helpmeet.

I fell in love all over again. (This happens to me quite regularly!) This time, not only with my husband, but with my profession of homemaker. This was why Verne was trying to make everything special for me at mealtimes. He wanted me to feel on vacation what he feels at home. I love that man!


Ways of Zion said...

wow, I've never seen that episode! I enjoy reading your posts (came over from Anna's) and thought it was time to say "HI"

I'm a SAHM as well and LOVE it! keep up the good work!

Randi said...

"He wanted me to feel on vacation what he feels at home."

I love that line about your hubby. What a sweet guy you have!

Karen said...

......and a REAL man.
We are so blessed, aren't we, Tracy.

Penless Thoughts said...

Oh what a sweet post and what a wonderful man and marriage you have. So nice to hear. If more young wives followed your pattern we'd see a lot more happy marriages.

Becky said...

It is a gift either way istn't it? Him to you and you to him. Such a privilege to stay home and serve the family. And to LOVE it.

Tracy ... Tracy ... TRACY! I KNOW who you are. I fixed the name on my link. What was I thinking??? OH, the point is I was NOT thinking. I was letting my fingers do the thinking. Again.

Anna S said...

It was so wonderful to read, Tracy. Your husband really is one of a kind!

It's lovely to see how the smallest things (serving food on pretty plates) can make all the difference in the world and make people feel loved, cherished and pampered!

Jen in MS said...

What a precious post! I couldn't agree more and I feel so happy for you that you are also blessed with a wonderful husband. It is so nice to hear positive stories like this!

Have a great day!

Gena said...

What a wonderful post. Your husband is certainly special, as are you for making sure he feels special each and every day.

I love being a "Keeper at Home". My husband never has wanted me to work and I like it just fine that way. He likes being taken care of and I love taking care of him and my family.

Sheri said...

What a blessing this post was to me Tracy!

It was a blessing to hear about your wonderful husband and how much you both love each other. In this world today it's so encouraging to see couples who really model a Biblical home. Sure, no ones perfect (Only our Savior!), but you and Verne sound like fantastic examples for your children and all those who know you.

I too am thrilled and honored to be my husbands help meet!

Emily said...

What a dear husband you have Tracy! You are very blessed :) I'm so glad you had a wonderful vacation and that you got to relax for a good few days. And amen, homemaking certainly gives a life much meaning and purpose! Blessings to you :)

Christie Belle said...

What a sweet, sweet gesture. You got a good man to appreciate you and your profession like he does;o)

Lori B said...

I used to watch Little House on the Prairie all the time.

What a wonderful husband you have.

Kelli said...

This brought tears to my eyes, Tracy. A beautiful post on all the ways your husband blesses you. What a wonderful man!


Ruth said...

It is so wonderful to feel appreciated and loved. I'm glad that you feel that from your husband and children. That in itself is such a blessing!

Beemoosie said...

What an awesome testimony!!!

Mrs. U said...

This is such a SWEET post!!!! I LOVE being a homemaker, too, and wouldn't trade it for the world! I LOVE making my home a place where Mr. U wants to be at the end of the day- a place where he just can't wait to be!!

Mrs .U

Barbara said...

What a blessing is your husband.