Tuesday, July 17, 2007

How Clean is Your House?

Good Housekeeping, March 1914
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I think the title for this post is a tricky question. We all have different ideas of what clean is. I hate clutter, but can live with dust for a few days. Any longer than that and I get very depressed. Some people don't mind clutter or dust. I want my house to be presentable at all times. I never want to be ashamed if someone drops by. Even more than that, though, I'm thankful for what the Lord has blessed us with. I want to be a good steward of His gifts.

For years, I've given my house a very thorough cleaning once a week. All on one day. Every Friday or Saturday(depending on what else I have planned) , we dust every room, sweep, clean mirrors, ceiling fans, baseboards, door frames, bathrooms, and change bedding. I also thoroughly clean the kitchen on this day. This means wiping every counter with bleach water, and cleaning inside the microwave, the refrigerator, stove, etc. Floors are scrubbed, and I feel wonderful for about three days. Then bathrooms are cleaned again mid-week, and the sweeper is run over the entire house.

On a daily basis, I make sure that there is no clutter at the end of every day. Dishes are done, and the counters and table are wiped after every meal. Laundry is done daily, and the bathroom is tidied. Beds are made every morning.

I wonder, what is your schedule like? Do you clean one room thoroughly each day of the week, or do you save it all for one day like I do? I've tried the one room a day method. I never felt the satisfaction of having my entire house clean all at once. Do you find that too, or have you worked around it somehow?


Christy said...

I do laundry every day all day because I hate for it to pile up.

I vacuum everyday because of Layton eczema.

After breakfast and dinner I clean the kitchen-the floor is swept several times a day, the hardwood floor is swiffered several times a day.

I dust once a week-but the baseboards and cieling fans I usually only clean once a month. Bathrooms I clean nearly every day with Lysol wipes-toilets and floors get done once or twice a week.

Overall, my house is clean-but cluttered with toys. Toys are everywhere-they overflow from the bedrooms and trickle into the kitchen and living room.

But, if company stops by I am not embarrassed because my house always smells good, is clean, and looks lived in! If I know that company is coming I will wipe circles off the coffe table and contain the toys...

VAIL said...

You and Christy appear to be superwomen! I don't know how you do it!

Mrs.B said...

I like cleaning my house all at once because that's how I was brought up and like you I just love that all-clean feeling. However with 5 animals(and you know, they don't help at all!!), a pretty good sized house and back troubles I just can't do it that way anymore. It's a big job and it's only me so I've had to improvise.

I have 3 levels and try to clean a level a day and do laundry 2-3 days a week. However on Thursdays I give the house a once over so I can still feel that all-clean feeling.

I should vacuum every day because of the pet hair--I'm going to work on it.

Your profile picture is lovely and I love your latest blog design. (o:


Lori B said...

I do laundry everyday also.
I also de-clutter my house almost daily.
I sweep the kitchen floor one-two times a day.
I clean the entire house weekly. Sometimes I let the dusting go too.

Gena said...

I do tons of laundry every day. I sweep kitchen floors each day. I clean my kitchen thoroughly each day. But, I do my BIG cleaning on Saturday. I clean all bathrooms, vacuum the entire house, dust, etc. I do vacuum once or twice again during the week because we have a shedding inside Golden Retriever. I also use Clorox wipes in the bathrooms each day (boys!).

I, like you, tried the room a day thing. It doesn't work for me. I will pick rooms in which to clean all the windows or blinds, but I like to have my entire house all clean at the same time.

Sharon said...

I can't stand clutter either. I use to do all my cleaning on one day, but am not physically able anymore, so I have to break it up and do a little each day.

Momma Roar said...

At this point in the game, with 3 little ones that are 5 and under - I'm just calling it a good day if I can get them all to bed with 3 meals in 'em! Just kidding, it isn't that bad. But I tend to save all my cleaning for Fridays - not a good idea. I don't like clutter either, and I do try to work at that a little each day. I know if I would make a better attempt I would feel better.

Randi said...

Right now I am sort of between schedules, and I have been for a long time. When things get out of hand, I take care of it. Things is not very effective though and I hope to be more organized by the time we start school. Your room a day plan sounds good, I may try it!

I like your new blog look and your lovely new picture!

Penless Thoughts said...

I "tidy up" a little every day as far as keeping things picked up and everything in its place. I do the big once a week cleaning. The messiest place in my house is my computer desk. I can't seem to keep the "stuff" from piling up around it!!!

Ruth said...

Oh my. We keep the house up ok. We host cell groups in our home 2 times a week, so that keeps us accountable. Big clean? Ummm...well...hmmmmm. I may need to work on that.

Kelli said...

I used to be a clean it all and do laundry all in one day and but now I do certain rooms on certain days. I do like having the whole house clean on one day though so when the kids are older I'll probably switch back.

I'm the same way as you, I can put up with a bit of dust but clutter drives me crazy! LOL

We have a morning tidy and then an right before dinner tidy. Everyone pitches in and helps. I give them all something to do and tell them to come see me when the are finished. Yesterday, it would have taken me an hour to tidy up by myself but together we did it in 15 minutes. Grace just learned to wash dishes and sweep the kitchen floor so that is a big help.

I'm so big in stressing to clean up as we go. If they don't keep their rooms half way decent I threaten to clean it for them and that will involve garbage bags and Good will boxes..hehe. It works though!

I always enjoy seeing what other people do to keep thier homes tidy! (not that mine always is! LOL)


Anna S said...

I do a thorough cleaning on Friday, and then all the basic daily chores every day during the week: dishes, laundry and such. I dust about every other day and run the vacuum cleaner when necessary.

Elise said...

I clean almost exactly like you! One day each week, bathrooms, dusting, vacuuming, straightening, organizing the boys bedroom.
Laundry happens a couple times a week, but we are still a smallish family.
I love how I feel when it's all done for the week! I keep up with the little things like sweeping daily, tidy the house every evening, dishes done, etc.

Jennifer said...

I've been working all day getting my house clean. It's so true that you just have a feeling of accomplishment once it's all done ~~~ I'm getting there!

Hope you have a wonderful weekend!

PS: I usually clean our home in one day, but do laundry just about everyday. Before I can go to bed, my kitchen has to be spotless.