Monday, July 9, 2007

A Lump

I know that this is a personal subject, but it is an important one. Many women have never done a self breast exam. I'm sure some women never think about it. Others may not have done this because they don't know how to perform an exam correctly, and still others are afraid of what they might find.

I found a lump in my breast over a year ago. This has happened before, actually quite frequently before my menstrual cycle. I waited until my cycle was complete, and it didn't go away, so I made a call to the doctor. After I was examined, the doctor was concerned , and wanted me to go for a mammogram and a sonogram. The diagnosis? I have Fibrocystic Breast Disease. Basically, I have very lumpy breast tissue.

I promised to "keep an eye" on this particular lump, and report any changes. When I went for my yearly physical this year, my doctor reminded me that he wants me to have a mammogram every year. I'm just 36, so this is a bit unusual.

Guess what I got to do Monday morning?

Yep. I had to be at the hospital by 8:40 AM. I changed into a gown, and cuddled up to this machine.

I brought my camera along. I wanted all
of you to see what the machine looks like
in case you have not seen one before.
Your breast is placed on the black table,
and compressed by the translucent piece.

Ladies, this is an uncomfortable procedure, but it is NOT excruciating. I'm not sure how it is everywhere, but the women who work in this department of our hospital are outstandingly kind.

Please do a self breast exam monthly. It's so simple, and really could save your life. If you are unsure how to conduct this exam, you can go here.

To learn more about Mammography, go here.

By the way, my results are not back yet. The same lump is still there, and we need to see if it has changed.

ETA: I received a letter in the mail this morning 7/14/07, and it says that the mammogram was clear, with no concern for cancer. Yea! Thanks for all of you who prayed!


Randi said...

This is a great reminder! I have never had this done, but i know that I need to. Now i just need to work up the nerve!

Angie said...

Tracy, that is about the neatest idea! How good of you to take a picture for others to see the machine! I am due for my 5th mamogram next month. I dread it...I have been drinking far too many caffinated drinks! (diet colas) Which can cause lumps (or so I was told).
Have a blessed day!

Lori B said...

Good luck. I hope everything turns out ok for you.
I know doing those self exams are so important.

Mrs. U said...

Thank you for the reminder. And please know that I am praying!!

Mrs. U

Anna S said...


I hope and pray everything turns out fine.

I'm still quite young, but thank you for the reminder. I also have a lump now and then before my period, and I watch them carefully each time, until they disappear.

Jennifer said...

You're in my prayers Tracy. Each yaer we go through this with my Mom as well, and the waiting is far worse than any news we have ever received.

I'll be praying for good news, and ease of mind for you!

Have a blessed day!

Ruth said...

I'll be praying that everything turns out find. Thanks for the reminder!!

Beck said...

Hey, I have lumpy breast tissue, too! Lucky us.
I'm glad your lump wasn't anything serious - very good reminder.

Elise said...

Oh, friend, I will be praying!
Thank you for the exhortation to watch out for this - we women really need to be reminded! :)

Anonymous said...

After a mammogram then needle biopsy, I had a suspicious breast tumor removed about 15 years ago when I was 34. Benign, thank the Lord. I get mammograms every year.

I'm praying all is well <><

Gena said...

I'm praying for you. I never, ever miss my yearly mammo appointment. This year was not fun, I was PMSing, but still necessary. It is usually quite quick, relatively painless and SO worth it.

Thank you for your reminder.

Becky said...

Good news Tracy! And such a wise reminder to all of us. I always schedule my mammogram for my birthday week so I can give myself the gift of good health. I do the same with my yearly physical. Best money I ever spend to get a good report. And if it is ever not a good report, it will never be more than a year along, right??

Jen in MS said...

Thanks for the reminder! And YAY!!! I'm so happy that you got a clean bill of health!!


Daughter of the King said...

First time at your mom died of metastasized breast cancer(went to her brain)...she did not have a mammogram until she was 76....she didn't believe in them..thought they gave FALSE thank you from a woman that misses her mom so much...she is in Heaven I know...but IF ONLY.....