Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Technical difficulties and a new outlook on sports

Topps Football 1956

My computer turns off as soon as it turns on. Oh bother. I've borrowed another tower, but can't seem to upload photos. I'm unsure if the problem is with the photo software on the tower, or with blogger today. In any case, no personal photos can accompany my posts. RATS!

Life is hectic. I say that with disdain rather than pride. Have you noticed how proud people seem to feel when they are "busy"? It's as if life were a race, and the person with the most activities to accomplish wins. It's not that I don't enjoy watching my children in their sporting events, for I do. It's the time that it all takes from the rest of the family.

My parents were here over the weekend, and we all sat down to a nice supper on Sunday evening. It was enjoyable to relax around the table. Monday night, we heated leftovers in the microwave and ran out the door to football games. We didn't return home until 11:30 PM. Yes. 11:30. This junior football is serious business, dontchaknow?

And truly, it is serious business. As a girl/woman, I never understood the need for sports until my boys got a little older. My boys are the most gentle, mild-mannered fellows that you could ever hope to meet. They are kind to girls, hold conversations with adults, and help around the house. Get them onto a sports field though, and everything changes.

See, God made men to be protectors. They are supposed to be tough, and they need a release for all of their energy. I see that with my boys. A little exercise and competition, and they feel good, and whole. They feel like men. That's a good thing. I'm not talking about a caveman like type of man. I'm talking about a man with a job to accomplish, and a job well done. Thinking about strategy, and hard work.

Yesterday afternoon, I made a meal, but it was eaten quickly, and then we scattered in different directions. I accompanied Mac to cross country while Verne and Collin went back to the football field. We returned at 10 PM.

I'm looking forward to sitting down as a family tonight, with a leisurely meal, and no place to go. Until tomorrow.


Christy said...

we are only in the throes of little league soccer and ballet and I hear you. I hate having places to go at night-after 5 pm I want to be at home!!

I hope it slows down somewhat for you!

USAincognito said...

I am like your boys - when I get out on the field or court, I am all about competition and winning. I played soccer and volleyball and softball growing up. Even in college, when I was the Women's Soccer Team Coach, I was still very competitive. Hmm....I guess I was "daddy's little girl" afterall! ;)

Becky said...

Those are whirlwind days indeed. But they are so good to share together and make everyone's hobby a part of the family. I am glad you take the time to make it a priority.

And your answer on my post today was interesting. I am not thinking nearly as spiritually minded as you are. But what good thoughts you had.

I'll post tomorrow on my answer. Thanks for playing :)

Rachel said...

Sorry about your computer.
I too look forward to the nights when we have nothing. I just wish there were more of them. Also, I love spending time with Luke at home, but hate missing all of the boys' games.

Penless Thoughts said...

I think most families today are just too busy to truly be family. Sorry, but that is my opinion.

Tracy said...

I totally agree with you. We try to make these sporting events a family affair, cheering each other on and so forth. You know what I can't stand? When the kids reach 16, get their own cars, and off they go. No one attends their plays, sports functions, etc. Mom goes one way, dad goes another, and no one is even home at the same time.

Momma Roar said...

I hope your computer issues can be resolved :( no pictures :(

I just sit back and watch my friends and neighbors taking their children to different sport pratices, instrument lessons and various other classes...and I just thank God that I am home with my children. I can't imagine sending them off to school each day and then filling up our evenings with sports.

Don't get me wrong - T and I did sports and band/orchestra when we were HS age - but not at the young age of 5, 6, and 7. I'm blown away by how much parents are willing to put their kids in all these "programs" - do they not want to be at home with their children and just want to rush them off to the next thing?

I don't know. But I'm firm in our decision to not start sports at a young age - we'll see what happens as they get a little older.

Sorry - hopefully this wasn't way off topic, lol :D

Angie said...

I know this has got to be the 'busiest' time of year! But I love the fall! And for us, time will change soon. (That part--I don't like) I missed your photos--enjoy your "relaxing evening at home"!
Be blessed :)

randi---i have to say said...

I get so scatterbrained when life gets really busy. I am glad that we have the choice to generally stay non-busy but to add some busy-ness for short periods--like sports seasons!


Karen said...

I'm sorry about your computer woes! I don't like being without one. It's funny that just a few short years ago, I did not want one at all in my home! LOL! How times change.
Life is very hectic. I know how you feel. I love to be home at night. That is our relaxing time, but with church, and kids functions, it's almost impossible these days.
I hope you enjoy your evening home. Rest up!

Ruth said...

It sounds like your family sporting events are fun, even if it does lead to a hectic evening or two. Great memories and character are being produced!!

Anonymous said...

Oh, for a quiet moment...

Love the look of your blog. New header???

Anonymous said...

You going here and there in different directions. What a lovely and warming occasion in having supper and an evening together. :o)

I love the happy welcome of your blog, Tracy.

Anna S said...

Tracy, I agree with you - for some reason, it seems as though today you *must* be busy every minute of the day to prove you're spending your time wisely. I think it's far from the truth, though - a slower pace helps you achieve priceless peace. Nothing compares with that.