Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Treat Yourself !

I love making my husband a special treat. Perhaps it's something that he has recently requested, or something that I know he loves, but we haven't had in awhile. I also love to treat my children. And I admit, I don't forget to treat myself.

Recently, I found these adorable little half pint Ball jars. I treated myself to a four pack. I shared one with Autumn, and gave one to my Shoebox Swap partner. I saved the other two for myself.
Aren't they cute?

I don't have to have coffee or tea on a daily basis.
It's really more of a treat for me. A few years ago, I bought myself this little four cup coffee pot. It makes precisely two mugs of coffee. Verne prefers his coffee back, while I like French vanilla or hazelnut. Having my own coffee pot allows me to brew myself a treat anytime the mood strikes. Since I don't drink it often, I only buy these little packs of flavored coffees. The new Ball jars hold one package perfectly! I drink one cup while it's hot, and save the other for later in the day.

I like to use Stevia in place of sugar in my coffee. One pack is perfect. However, look at the new Splenda that I found! Now I can swipe a cup of Verne's regular coffee, and sweeten and flavor it all in one step!

If it's a chilly day, I heat my second mug of coffee in the microwave around 3 PM. One piece of sugar free chocolate is a nice accompaniment to the coffee. If it's a warm day, I like to fill a pint jar with ice, and pour the cold coffee over it. Add a little heavy cream, give it a stir, and I've got a low carb iced coffee! Mmmmm....

I recently discovered Mary Jane's Farm magazine. I treated myself to the back issues. If you haven't yet discovered Mary Jane for yourself, check her out here.

How do you treat yourself?


Kelli said...

Ooh...great treats, Tracy! I'm going to have one of the those iced coffees tomorrow..yum! I will also be looking for those flavored splendas, very neat!

As for treats I like new writing paper, candles or stickers. I really love stickers..LOL.

P.s. Don't worry, Fern only knocks over cups that are full of drinks! I will move the lamp over closer to the middle of the table though..hehee.

Anonymous said...

I use Stevia too, in iced tea. My coffee gets half & half - my big morning thrill. :o)

Treats. Hmm. Paper napkins with pretty graphics. Extra large iced tea at It's A Grind near Trader Joe's. Starbucks tall white mocha fat free with whip decaf five pump. But mostly I like to treat Clark and El...and others ;o)

Penless Thoughts said...

Enjoyed your treats.

Beck said...

Iced coffee - mmm!

Lori said...

Love all your treats.

I have to admit. I treat myself too.
Things I treat myself to:
cup of chai tea or capicinno
eating a dessert of some sort
anything chocolate
reading a book
new clothing item
new shoes
I also like to treat my family.

Ways of Zion said...

When the children go down for "rest time" after lunch, I put the kettle on and make a nice cup of tea. Then I sit in my favorite chair in the living/playroom put on some soothing music or a Bible tape and close my eye so I can't see the toys ;-) and relax.

Each time I've become preganat (like right now) I go and find a nice maternity shirt for a treat.

Starbucks caramel Mochiato (I don't know how to spell it)

Swiss Chalet dinner with the whole family! yummy!

Short Stop said...

Those little jars are adorable!! I love little containers like that...so useful and just FUN!

I treat myself to candles and Starbucks. I'm due to get my new Pumpkin Spice Candle soon. YAY!!! It makes my house smell SO good, and such a fun treat for me each year. And, well...Starbucks. You've already seen me go on and on about that one! :)

Anna S said...

I love iced coffee too, Tracy... though now I'm already looking forward to cold evenings and mugs of hot cocoa!

Anonymous said...

My biggest treat is a piece of pie now and then.

I don't really drink coffee either and I've really cut out the chocolate in my life. I enjoy some pumpkin spice cream flavoring in the fall.

I do LOVE a good candle. I think the fall smells are my favorite scents.

Gena said...


We are so similar! I, too, bought those adorable jars a while back. I am keeping them for gift giving (and a couple for me) this Christmas.

I also found the joys of iced coffee just recently. I only drink coffee when it is cold outside and I only drink iced tea (all year). But... my first taste of iced coffee has me hooked! It was delicious.

I loved seeing your treats for yourself. I think I forget to do that. I am always taking care of, and treating, my husband and children. I did go out to eat with my neighbor yesterday and that was wonderful.

For my treats, let's see... new books, magazines and candles. Oh, yes, and DARK chocolate. I love that.

Trella said...

What a great find, flavored Splenda!
I loved all of your treats!

VAIL said...

When I treat myself it usually involes Hot Chocolate or Brownies!

Paula said...

I TOO LOVE Mary Jane! I have both of her books. :) I was wondering where you got that adorable Ball jar for the button jar! Those are WAY CUTE!

Jodi said...

What a fun post (fun comments, too!). :o)

Mocha ~ Hot or Iced
A Chocolate Kiss
Lit Candles
A Good Book
New Yarn or Fabric
Music Playing ~ Classical or Hymns

Becky said...

In the winter, it is bubble baths with a good book. And candles.

In the summer, I love to stop for a treat at st*rbucks. I don't do it often, but as you saw in your date with Verne, having the frapaccino made by someone else is just so much better.

I treat myself to two magazines too - S. Living and BHG. The Butler calls them my guilt free vice.

Walks, by myself. That is a huge treat for me. That was even more of a treat when the kids were little and I could get away to clear my head and think deep thoughts.

Waffles with chocolate chips (and whole wheat flour and buckwheat flour and wheat germ - but chocolate chips!!!)

Ok, that is enough. I don't feel one bit guilty treating myself. I am worth it! And so are you!!!

I, like you, also get a thrill out of unique ways to treat my husband and kids. Surprises are the best.

carrie said...


Those are fun treats--thanks for sharing. Isn't the MJF magazine wonderful? You should check out her book!