Saturday, September 29, 2007

A Weekend in September

It's been a fulfilling weekend, the last of September. I'm not sure where the month has gone, but it has been lovely. The air is crisp, and smells so good. I feel a renewed sense of energy when the season changes to autumn. No more lounging around, wilting from the heat.

Saturday morning, I woke early and prepared to head out the door. Mac made me breakfast this morning!

Mac and Verne ran a 5K, and Collin and I went to watch. The girls and grandma stayed home, tucked in their warm beds for as long as they could. Mac finished 4th in his age group, and Verne took 3rd in his. Way to go guys! Verne has been a runner since he was in middle school. Saturday morning, Mac beat his dad in the race. No, Verne didn't let him win. He's much too competitive for that. And he wasn't disappointed. Instead, he hugged Mac and told him how proud he was of him. A moment to remember!

After the race finished, I hurried off to an all day quilt class. I must say that I felt a bit guilty taking all that time for myself, but Verne encouraged me to go. And I was glad, as I had a good time, AND got a quilt top pieced!

Saturday evening we went into town to enjoy the local annual festival. After walking around, and eating funnel cakes, we spent a few hours sitting on chairs, enjoying a band that played hits from the 60's and 70's. We only left when Abigail declared that she was very tired, and returned home at midnight!

After a lovely time of worship on Sunday, we headed to Scouts. The boys had a Court of Honor. This is where the boys are recognized for the merit badges that they have earned, and the ranks that they have achieved. Mac ran the meeting as he is the senior patrol leader.

Home again to relax, and a little more sewing. I finished a skirt that I had started earlier in the week, and made an apron.

Lots of family time, and cooler weather. What could be better?


Anna S said...

I enjoy how it's cooling down, too - especially in the evenings. I don't mind heat during the day, but hot humid nights are just too much for me to handle! :)

I love that sunset picture.

Christy said...

I love the cooler weather here too! It is still getting up into the high 80s in the daytime, but the humidity is way down and in the mornings it is almost chilly!

I am glad you had such a good weekend! Time to yourself is so important :)

Momma Roar said...

Sounds like a wonderful weekend Tracy. Boy, I haven't had a funnel cake in quite some time - I think I'm gonna need to get one for the kids and I soon - so glad its still fair season around here!!

I love the new apron!

Anonymous said...

Sounds wonderful!

Lori said...

I love those mornings when you can stay tucked into bed longer.

Looks like your all day quilting class would've been so much fun.
What did you get made? Did you finish a quilt.

Gena said...

That sounds like a lovely weekend! And what could be better - an ALL DAY quilt class? Wow, I think I'm a little jealous! I love those times that I get to spend by myself, but I'm still doing something productive. Those are the best.

Hope you have a week that is just as wonderful.

Ruth said...

Sounds like a busy but fun weekend. We're still waiting for cooler weather here.

USAincognito said...

Can you cook breakfast at my place some morning?!? ;) lol. That plate of food looked yummy!! :)
One Southern breakfast tradition I do so enjoy is cooking my eggs in bacon grease. I know it is not healthy but eggs taste so much better when cooked in it! I remember my grandma saving her bacon grease in a glass jar and using a bit of it when she cooked each time. My mother doesn't do it but I thought I would carry on my Southern heritage by saving and reusing the bacon grease. :)