Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Where I'm From Mac

As most of you know, I homeschool my three youngest children, while my eldest, Mac, goes to public school. I try to keep on top of what he does there just as I would if he were here. The school has a website where I can check his grades each day. I often know how well he's doing even before he does. I attend every parent teacher conference, go to his football games, cross country meets, and National Honor Society meetings.

He's growing up. But he's still my baby. This year Mac is a junior. He's taking three AP classes, and for his AP English, he had to write a poem about what has made him who he is. Most of you have probably seen these before. They had to include pictures. Mac knew just what pictures he wanted, and I was happy that I had been such a camera freak so that he had a visual reminder to go with his memories.

I loved what Mac wrote. It probably won't mean as much to all of you, but his grandparents read too, and I think that they'll enjoy this. By the way, Mac had no problem with me posting this. I asked first.

I am from wax paper spilled on the floor
In my play car, I would go to the store
I am from raw onions, carefully sliced
From oversized T-shirts to bed every night

I’m from a house that was not in the town
Had a guitar that I played upside-down
I’m from a golf club shot straight to the head,
My brother’s blood spilling out in bright red

I’m from square pizza every Friday,
Eating Popsicles, going out to play
Everything was kept in perfect order
Preaching sermons and songs into my tape recorder

I am from siblings younger than me
Great-grandparents, both sides of the family tree
I am from Yahtzee, and Uno, and Chess
Building new worlds with my old Lego sets

I am from crew cuts and crooked front teeth
Watching “Barney” on my potty-seat
Camping and swimming and days in the sun
Frozen in time in the place I come from


Becky said...

That is so cool. What a great young man, and such a talented poet :)

Loved the pics along with the text too. I give him an A+.

Anonymous said...

Mac did a really great job-I hope he received an A.
However, I do have to admit that I actually cringed at the part with the golf club and his brothers red blood. :-p
Truly, it was nothing like I would have thought to write myself and I think it showed that Mac has definitely got a strain of creative thought running through his brain. :-)

Karen said...

Very talented, indeed! I love the pictures that go along with it, too. Our girls loved to sleep in oversized T-shirts.

Jen in MS said...

Awesome poem!!

I hit my dad in the head with a golf club once. It was an accident as he was trying to get me to keep my eye on the ball. He was standing behind me and I swung! Ouch! I'll never forget his head bleeding!!

Things like that certainly make a big impact on you!

Anonymous said...

I loved it! The oversized t-shirt part brought back a wonderful memory of our house :)

Great job Mac! Thanks for letting your mom share with us. It was a treat!

Anna S said...

How special it must be, to have a son like that, and marvel at how he grows and changes!! I can only imagine for now :o)

Tina said...


Diane @ A Watered Garden said...

Thanks for sharing his just really speaks of a happy, well grounded childhood. Yes, I know what you mean about "always be my baby". Our youngest is 21, married, and I STILL call her baby! Also, thanks for your sweet comments on our happy news! Blessings, Diane

truth said...

He did a wonderful job, I loved the pics that went along with it also.

Gena said...

What a great poem. I know you're glad to have it. He'll love reading it to his children some day.

Penless Thoughts said...

Very good and how nice for him to let you post it!

Kendra said...

very sweet

USAincognito said...

Great poem explaining his childhood memories and who he is! :)

Lori said...

That was very neat. Great job indeed.

Elise said...

So sweet - great job, Mac! Love the pictures...makes me reminisce.

Ruth said...

I love his humor! What a great story told in words and pictures.

VAIL said...

Very touching. It brought tears to my eyes!