Monday, October 22, 2007

My Shiny Sink

Julieann thought that it would be fun for us to post pictures of our shiny sinks. Although I am not a Fly-Lady fan ( as a matter of fact I loathe her), I wanted to play along. I think it's important to have a clean kitchen. Wash your sink after you do each load of dishes, and it will never be a problem!

While we're in the kitchen, let me show you something else I'm excited about.

I have a huge corner cupboard with a glass front. Up until last week, I displayed my many teapots in it. I've longed to display them over my cabinets, but they sat down too far to be seen. Verne cut boards to raise them up enough to be seen.
I arranged the teapots above, and was able to move my china from the back of the cabinet where it was hard to reach, and it now sits right inside the cupboard where I can easily access it for use. It was difficult to get at before, and didn't get used much. Now we can enjoy it more often!


Short Stop said...

I am envious of your clean sink. I often feel like no matter how many times I clean it, it's never really clean.

LOVE the teapots above your cabinets. What a perfect place for them!

Julieann said...

YAY!!! You are first! I love your clean sink. I also like how you are now able to display your tea-pots---everything looks so lovely and neat:)


Beck said...

Looks SO good!
I actually like FlyLady, although I don't get her 50 zillion sappy emails anymore. Her routines were just what I needed...

Becky said...

What a clever idea to raise up the pots to be see on the cabinets. I have some baskets displayed above mine, and I have actually turned pieces of tupperware over to place the basket on top, to make it higher.

Then .. of course ... I can't use the tupperware. Oh, bother!

That is one shiny sink. And now I am curious. Who is this loathsome fly lady? Do tell.

Tracy said...

You can google Flylady. She is a woman who purposes to help others get their houses in shape. This in and of itself isn't bad. The things I don't like are that she has you work on a task for 15 minutes. Ny theory? If you only work for 15 minutes no wonder your house is a wreck! Also, she calls people who have their act together BO's (Born Organizer). So, what? If my house is clean and I don't need her then I have body odor? Oh dear. She also advocates shoe wearing in the house. I DO NOT! Her theory? Your floors are so dirty that you shouldn't care. My theory? Why do you want to bring in more dirt?
Anyway... that's my 2 cents!

Christy said...

I LOVE your shiny sink!!

Mine is a rather old stainless...I have been drooling over some at Lowes...

I also loathe the Fly lady but because it overwhelms me!

Becky said...

Thanks Tracy. I will google her. Your description of her sounds like I would find some things to love and some things to not love about her.

There are a lot of things I spend only 15 minutes on NOW. But before I got them to where I could do that I had to dig out of the slump of them.

And shoes. I would love it if I did not have to wear shoes in the house. But I have bad feet and cannot go barefoot.

And ... I have gone to homes where I am a guest and required to remove my shoes before I enter the home. I find that very rude.

I hope that does not upset you if you have that rule. I had that rule for ALL TIMES when I was raising my boys. I made them remove their shoes full of sand from playing outdoors. But I would never ask a guest to do so.

And by the way, my choice of wearing shoes has nothing to do with how dirty my house is. It is because I have very easy to clean floors. No carpet in the living areas of our home. I designed it that way on purpose, to remove the shoe issue completely.

So I think I could take some of her and leave some of her.

Never heard of her though. So thanks for the heads up. Sounds like our friend Beck has embraced some of her philosophies. I'll check her out.

Becky said...

Woo Hoo! Good news Tracy. I checked out the Fly Lady and I don't need her.

Seems I have developed my own ways to do things and they work. For me.

So that makes me feel better.

Have a great week.

Daughter of the King said...

Tracy...I love all the pics....I think you are the first one I have ever heard say the loathe the FLYLADY for some reason..I find it so funny.....I am exhausted from a day of cleaning...and maybe I am lightheaded...
Your house and cupboards and even that FLY-lady shinny sink looks great

Gena said...

Your sink is beautiful. I keep mine clean, too. I also have a red thingie in the right side of mine so I don't break glasses when I wash them.

Your teapots look great on top of your cabinets. I have my pottery on one side of mine and tin lunchboxes and other antiques on the other. We had to put strips of thin styrofoam up there to make mine higher. Works great! I'm glad your hubby did that for you.

Also, your china is lovely - such pretty colors.

Rachel said...

What a sweet hubby!!! The teapots look great up there and how nice that you are able to display and USE your china! Maybe one day - sigh!!!

Penless Thoughts said...

Your teapots look lovely aboe your cabinets.

Never heard of this Fly Lady either. Since I've been maintaining a home for 49 years of marriage pretty well don't suppose I'd need her at this point :o)

Jen in MS said...

And how lovely it is!

I loathe flylady too! She just junked up my email box and created more work for me! LOL

Jennifer said...

I'm like you, I clean my sink after each use... however...

Avocado green just doesn't come clean like I'd like it to :o)

Your teapots looks great above your cabinets!

I know you are excited to have better access to your china. We still haven't moved my china to our house yet, b/c we have no place for it. My grandmother gave it to me, it was my great-granny's. For a wedding gift my Memaw went to Replacements and finished out the place settings, as well as any serving pieces that had been broken over the last 80 years.

Sorry for my rambling... your post just got me thinking :o)

Have a great Tuesday!

Anna S said...

Tracy, your kitchen looks so neat and organized. I remember in college after cooking classes they made us scrub the sinks until spotless and shiny. What a priceless habit acquired ;)

Kendra said...

Will you come and shine up my sink? ;)

nannykim said...

Yes, I love a clean sink. I have a very old porcelain sp? sink. Because it is so old I spray it several times a day with chlorox spray--the coffee and tea stains it!! So I will probably die a slow and lingering death due to old sinks and cholorox fumes!

weavermom said...

Your sink looks fabulous!

I never signed up for the emails since I had a system in place, but I love the "hot spots" idea. 'course if I would never put paper on very hortizontal surface in the house.... ah, another phase of life I'll work on that. :)

And I know you DO know this, but that man of yours is a keeper. He is always doing sweet things for you. :)

Ruth said...

I LOVE your teapot display!! Great job.

Just curious...why do you loathe Fly Lady? There MUST be a story there somewhere!! LOL!! Oh...I just read your reply to that. Now I know. =o)

Amy ~ (Life's Small Treasures) said...

Your kitchen looks so lovely! I have almost the exact china set. So pretty.


Karen said...

I know you're excited to use that "found" space above the cabinets. It's a blessing to have handy hubbies.
I couldn't read much of Flylady, either.

Susan said...

Your sink is indeed beautiful, but I have to say I love FlyLady! LOL I don't mind the e-mails because I made a folder for them to go to, and I read them as I can, and delete at will. She taught me the value of routines and what even 15 minutes can do, which is better than doing nothing. And I have a pair of shoes that I wear only in the house! ;)

Loved your teapot collection!

Mrs.B said...

Your sink looks great! I plan on posting mine tomorrow. (o:

And I really like what you did with your teapots on top of your cupboards, it looks really pretty.