Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Christmas in my kitchen

Christmas in my kitchen means good smells, and baking. Gathering and singing. This truly is the heart of our home!

Nesting gingerbread men line the countertops.

Greenery and mistletoe hang above the doorways.

Festive salt and pepper shakers, and a spoon rest bring joy to the cook.

Various small stockings, mittens, and wooden signs hang from the cabinet doors.

A jolly snowman contains cookies in his head and body, nuts in his hat, and candies in the snowballs that he holds.

You may click on any of the pictures to enlarge them.
Thanks for stopping by to visit!


Gena said...

Your kitchen is lovely. I love to decorate and we decorate everything around here, too. I also love all of your little gingerbread men!

Anonymous said...

I'd love to come visit. I can just imagine the warmth and good smells from cooking/baking. The music would be a definite plus. :o)

Rebecca said...

I see you are a teapot collector!

Looks like you have an ISLAND in your kitchen. FUN! The kitchen IS the heart of the home!

The picture of you and your daughter is so sweet!

Karen said...

Tracy, how pretty! I like the gingerbread theme. I've got snowmen that I put out in my kitchen in January to chase away the bleakness after Christmas. Everything looks so inviting, and like Sherry, I'd love to visit and share a cup of tea and that candy in the last post! I had a friend that used to give us cinnamon candy just like yours for Christmas every year. Now I can make my own.
Love the picture of you and Abigail singing. Precious family memories there!
Have a wonderful day!

Momala said...

What fun decorations! You've inspired me to clean up the clutter on my counters and make them a little more festive!

Short Stop said...

Each of these things are so fun. I love to decorate for Christmas. I wish I could come over and have a cup of cocoa with you! :)

Christie Belle said...

Oh what a festive kitchen! I love all of your decorations, especially the snow man that serves as a cookie jar, candy bowls, and a place for nuts! Ingenius!

Mrs.B said...

What a pretty kitchen! I love you collection of teapots. How do you get you cabinets so shiny?

And all of your Christmas decorations look lovely! To bad they don't have smell-a-vision through the computer screen because I bet your kitchen smelled delicious with all of the baking and cooking you're doing. (o:


Christy said...

The nesting gingerbread men are so cute!

I love the idea of hanging things on your cabinets.

Lori said...

Love your Christmas home decor.
Thanks for giving us a tour of your kitchen.

nannykim said...

Love, love love those salt and pepper shakers--they are so delightful and cheerful. I have put up my tree--but this year I have not been in a mood to decorate the rest of the house!! I am feeling like I am in a serene decluttering mood---so I need to think about if I will decorate the rest of the house!!! This is definetly weird for me!!

Ruth said...

I have one thing to ask...Are you for hire???

I love your decorations and all the fun you have!!

GardenGoose said...

such cute Holiday decorations.
we decorate quite a bit for the Holiday at my house too.hope you are having a great week.

Beck said...

I LOVE that snowman cookie jar!