Monday, November 12, 2007

Flight of the Bumblebee

It's Monday. Oh dear. Today, Verne is bringing his boss home for dinner. I've been sewing for a few weeks. Guess what my house looks like? It's not worthy for anyone to walk through the door, so today I'll be dusting, sweeping, scrubbing, and cooking. Tonight I'll be exhausted.

Tomorrow is Autumn's birthday. Sunday is Abigail's. Let the busy season begin!

image courtesy of Victorian Trading Company


Beck said...

Every. single. family. birthday - some 20+ - are stuffed into a 2 week period in late April/early May. It's crazy!
Hope everything goes well.

Penless Thoughts said...

You will have a wonderful dinner on the table tonight in a very clean house and all will be well!!
Enjoy :o)

randi---i have to say said...

I hope your day--and your dinner--go well!

Blessings to you, Tracy!

Becky said...

You will have a busy day! Won't it feel good to sit and enjoy some company tonight?

I hope you have fun. And remember ... fit some Mary time into your Martha day :)

Anonymous said...

Verne's boss will be wonderfully blessed enjoying supper in your home, Tracy. Your home is welcoming, your groceries delicious and your hardt is precious. Who could *not* have a simply wonderful time? :o)

Rachel said...

I hope your day goes well and you are not too exhausted to enjoy dinner with your guest tonight. I wish I could be there helping you out.

Jodi said...

Oh my ... if you're as busy as the Bumblebee in that song, you will be a busy bee! :o) Praying you get it all done and are able to enjoy your dinner party and birthday celebrations.

Anna S said...

Tracy, good luck with that dinner. Happy birthday to both your beautiful girls. And do get some rest in between! :)

Rebecca said...

What a perfect title to the post!

You ARE going to be a busy lady. It seems as though 'when it rains, it pours." You'll be fantastic hostess tonight! Just remember, it isn't the seats but who is IN them that counts.

Happy birthday to your girls! They are practically twins! Well, sortof. ;-)

PS. I could have SWORN I saw you today at the store! You have a look alike-who is married to a Vern lookalike! And it caused me more than one double-take. :-) I wish it HAD been so! :-)

Jennifer said...

Happy cleaning and cooking :o)

That picture of you on your sidebar is GREAT! You look like you have lost a lot of weight. Beautiful!

PS: your $5 anniversary gift idea worked like a charm! if you were around this area, I'd take you out with my $5 :o) heehee

HsKubes said...

Hope your day went well.
Happy birthday to your girls. ;o)

~ Christina

Diane @ A Watered Garden said...

Hope everything went well tonight... and that you were able to enjoy the visit. I'm afraid my house needs a little attention now as well! I like the apron you made and news of all the creative things you've been doing!

Christie Belle said...

I hope the dinner went smoothly and you weren't too worn out. Happy birthday to Autumn, and to Abigail (a little early)!