Sunday, November 4, 2007

Helping Grandma

Bathing an Elderly Patient Who is Bed Bound
I've been absent from blogging for several days, because my days have been busy here.
I've spent the past several days helping Grandma prepare her room for winter. She loves to change her bedding, curtains, shower curtains, and rugs for the seasons.

Thursday, I stripped the bed clear down to the dust ruffle. I washed the dust ruffle, mattress pad, sheets, blanket, and her summer coverlet. I reached up in her closet and took down a different dust ruffle, heavy comforter, two winter blankets, accessory pillows and shams. I got the bed arranged so that she was pleased. I also took down the summer shower curtain and washed it.

Friday, I took down the curtains, and washed them and the window. I then hung the curtains that she likes for the winter. Then I did the bathroom rugs. She's all set!

I recently took Grandma to the dermatologist. Her legs swell terribly. She sits most of the time, causing poor circulation. The dermatologist suggested that the rash on her legs was being caused by the swelling, and suggested that she start to wear support hose. Grandma argued, saying that she wouldn't be able to tolerate them, and the dermatologist argued back that she was going to have more problems if she didn't heed his advice. After we left, I talked to her and explained that while the stockings might be uncomfortable at first, she would get used to them, and she would start to see positive results. She ordered stockings.

The stockings arrived, but Grandma wanted to wait to wear them until she got to the podiatrist. We went a few days later. Have you ever worn support stockings? Do you know how un-elastic they are? How hard they are to put on? Now imagine trying to put them on someone else! Oh dear.

The first day, I don't know who had it worse, Grandma or me. Grandma is 83, and I know that she aches, and I try to be gentle, but truly, these things are very difficult to manage. I really have to push to get these up to her knee, and with each nudge, she would moan. I feel bad because I know that it's uncomfortable, but the slower I go, the longer the pain lasts. It's really a lose/lose situation. The good news is that they are helping to keep the swelling in her legs down. I notice a very big difference. The bad news is that we have to go through this EVERY day.

So, that's what's been happening around here. What have you been up to?


Christy said...

Tracy, I really admire your servant's heart. You have so much compassion and endless, endless patience. She is blessed to have you help her during this time.

I hope it gets better or that the stockings go on easier.

Anonymous said...

Bless you, Tracy. <><

(*( hug )*)

Diane @ A Watered Garden said...

I agree with Christy...your servanthood not only blesses your grandmother, but us as well. I pray that you do not grow weary in well doing. Blessings, Diane

hailey's beats and bits said...

i can imagine how difficult it is you are going through but then imagine if it's your turn to be cared for. i'm sure you'll receive a hundred fold in return to the goodness you do to your grandma now..

Lisa said...

My Grandmother lived with us for several years.It takes special people to do what you and your family are doing. We all gained alot of wisdom from our grandmother. She has gone on to be with the Lord now and we miss her so much.I hope things go well.
Lisa( 2 sisters Mom)

randi---i have to say said...

Tracy, what a sweet grand-daughter you are. Your grandma is blessed!

What have i been up to? My hubby and I have been ripping up carpet and moving furniture because he is installing hardwood in my living room. Yippee! I am not, however, looking forward to the mess over the next few days! I will post pics later in the week.

Rachel said...

Tracy, you are so loving to your grandmother. I truly pray that she notices and her heart is softened by this. I also will pray that she gets used to the stockings, especially the process of having them put on. Hang in there and do not grow weary of well doing for it will bring a great reward.

Karen said...

What a blessing you are, Tracy! Your patience, and your willingness to do this even when it's hard is a tribute to the work of our Lord in your life. May He continue to bless you and your family and make you a strong light to the world, for His glory...Karen

Sheri said...

Tracy, I too admire your servant's heart. You remind me of my mom who has always taken such loving care of my grandparents... being Jesus hands and feet.

Thank you for continuing to remind us that what we do for "the least of these, we do for Jesus." I love hearing your stories about Grandma!

Anna S said...

Tracy, I know this can't be easy for you. With my grandma, it's not just health issues, but also excessive worry and sometimes depression. No, she's perfectly sane, but for example when she's home alone she is very fretful if she doesn't get a call every two hours or so. If we're 30 minutes late she's beside herself with worry. But having her here is such a special blessing, we wouldn't trade it for anything.

Mrs.B said...


You sure have a servant's heart. When you share things like this it sure blesses me. (o:

Oh! And I had a look at your photo blog. You have some spectacular photos!

Blessings and Hugs,

weavermom said...

I'm with your grandma - I love to change out the bedding with the seasons. Can you come change out mine next? *wink*

Glad the support hose are helping, and I hope the process gets a little easier. What a beautiful example you are setting for your girls.

Lori said...

How wonderful of you to help grandma.
I agree with the others you truly have a servant heart.