Thursday, January 3, 2008

Early to bed , Early to rise...

makes a man...less tired? My sweetie works such long hours, and leaves the house by 5 am most mornings. He doesn't just roll out of bed and hop in the car though. First, he has his devotions, then runs several miles, showers, and then heads out the door. Yes, he's up waaaayy before the crack of dawn. Hence, we've been trying to get to bed earlier. We both need the sleep. It's easier in the winter than the summer.

Oh, and have I ever mentioned that I can set a timer on my washing machine to delay the start time? It's a wonderfully nifty feature. I hate to leave wet clothes in the washing machine all night. I pre-set the machine, go to bed, and wake to laundry that is ready to pop in the dryer, or hang on the line. Now that's practicality!

ETA: Our machine is a Bosch front loader. Love it!


Short Stop said...

Wow...that is early! I'm sure your husband's daily sacrifice for your family is so precious to you!

That is cool about your washing machine! Our dishwasher has a delay and I use that at night so I don't have to go to sleep listening to it. :)

Kelli said...

What a great feature for your washer, Tracy! Getting to bed earlier is one of my new year goals. :0)

Christy said...

Your husband is wonderful!

I am big time impressed that he gets all of that done. I get up at 5 a.m. but I drink two cups of coffee while watching the news, struggle into the shower, and run around getting kids dressed and out the door by 7!

What kind of washer do you have?!

Momala said...

He must be getting up really early to get that all done before 5:00! What a great guy!

Karen said...

Oooohh....we're up at 5:45. Not quite as early as y'all, though.
And I love that feature on your washer. I'm really looking hard at getting that machine soon.

Beck said...

Our husbands could start a tired guy club - mine is out of the house by 6 most mornings, while I whine because I have to get up at 7. I am a big spoiled baby.

Julieann said...

Tracy, my husband is out the door by 5 too---and I agree it is so much easier to go to bed now then in the summer--even though, I am having a hard time doing this--I know eventually the late nights and early mornings will catch up with me, but I am just having too much fun being a wife and mother...LOL.

Your washing machine sounds like a dream!


Sharon said...

WOW! I didn't even know they had timers for washers! I don't keep up with appliances until I need a new one. ;-)
Sounds very practical though!

Anonymous said...

I get up early too 'cept I don't abuse my body with running. but i should. ;o)

I've been going to bed earlier lately too and actually sleeping til a more decent hour which means I'm getting bout 6-7 hours of sleep which is really amazing for me - and good!

you have a fancy schmancy washing machine, missy. what a great concept.

Jennifer said...

What discipline Verne has! Wow. I'm working on that... getting my exercise and devotion in before I really start my day. He's also such a wonderful example for your children! What a blessing.

I have a delayed start washer too. I recently found this feature about a month ago, and it's my favorite :o)