Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Project Linus

It's been awhile since Mac (almost 17) and his buddies have been able to practice for their band, Civic Service. He was hoping for a snow day so that they could come over and practice today. I told him if they didn't have school, the guys would be welcome here. We discussed how today would be better than tomorrow as I explained that the other children and I are heading to the library for a Project Linus class.

"Project Linus?", Mac asked. I explained how we are going to learn to crochet blankets for babies. He thought I said we were going to crochet babies. "Mom," he replied, "Now, I know that I'm not extremely familiar with the process of how babies are made, but I think that it takes a little more than crochet."

Proud of my quick wit, I responded, "You're right, Mac! Psalm 139 says, 'For you formed my inward parts; you knitted me together in my mother's womb.' "

He smirked, and told me that I shouldn't try to play God. I then explained that we are crocheting baby blankets that will be donated. The entire conversation tickled my funny bone. By the way, school was open.

To find out more about Project Linus, visit here.

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~~ said...

Oh my your crochet so well too... You are such a gifted person.
I love your needle case and have been wanting to make one for years!

Momma Roar said...

Project Linus is such a great project.

I hope to make some comforters (as I don't quilt) with the kids - the ones where we'll knot the corners of the squares.

Very pretty project!

His Girl said...

whahooo! great application to the Word!!! awesome!

Anna S said...

Tracy, have you tried making crocheted baby booties? I have wanted to try that for ages, and would love a trustworthy pattern.

Tracy said...

I haven't, but if I do, I'll pass the pattern on.

Jodi said...

LOL ~ Your's and Mac's conversation ...It has a somewhat familiar ring to it. Could it be because we have sons of similar age? :o)

I love the Project Linus idea. Very nice!

Penless Thoughts said...

How fun!!! You are quick witted :o) I probably would have stood there with my mouth open.

Stacie said...

Hi Mrs. K,
I am planning on coming tomorrow as well! =) It sounds really fun! I'm glad Autumn let me know about it. I called the library and registered for it.
Hope to see you and Autumn tomorrow!

Anonymous said...

a witty comeback - i can almost hear you giggling inside. :o)

project linus - off to check it out.

Jennifer said...

what a beautiful service!

... thanks for sharing the conversation, too cute!

Julieann said...

What a wonderful project Tracy!

Your conversation with Mac made me smile:)


nannykim said...

Funny--it is exciting to crochet for others--and is soooooothing

Gena said...

Funny conversation! I also think your blanket is going to be beautiful. Project Linus is wonderful.

ikkinlala said...

That conversation makes me smile!