Thursday, March 20, 2008

Welcome, Spring!

We've had rain, and blustery winds ov'r the past several days. Although I'm weary of being stuck indoors, and I'm looking forward to being outside in the flower gardens, I dare not complain. We suffered such a terrible drought last summer that I'm thankful for every drop that God gives to us.

image courtesy of Victoria Magazine


Dallas @ Abounding Treasures said...

I know what you mean ~ we had freezing rain last night and how I yearn for warm temps!

The Lord reminds me to be content with where I am and what He gives ...

I know that come the height of summer, I'll probably be moaning about the heat and humidity :-)


Tori said...

We actually had snow today but it didn't stick for long. I'm glad, it's spring, bring on the barefoot days.

Oh I love the photo, very pretty!

Stacie said...

Hi, Mrs. K,

Happy Spring! I can't wait until it is really warm! I am so glad we got some rain though! Our grass is already starting to look a little greener. After the drought last year, our grass got so brown!

Jodi said...

What a delightful picture!! You know I did not even realize it was the first day of Spring until I just read the comments on my blog.

I'm glad you all are getting some rain. We had your blustery weather yesterday ... and a very gray day it was. Last week I read the winter stats for our area [and you know where that it ;o) - not too far from you]. Even though it seemed to us that we got quite a bit of rain this winter, we were actually down 3 inches from the average winter rainfall. That on top of the huge deficit from last summer made me realize much prayer is still needed in this area. Shamefully I must admit that I just don't think I'm always thankful enough of the mercies of God when supply is plenty.

Now that's all for today's weather report ... lol! :o) Hugs to you and Happy Spring!

Jennifer said...

I second that! We are SO thankful for the rain :o) NC is finally "just" in the "exceptional" drought range, down from "extreme".

Happy Spring!

Beck said...

That is SUCH a gorgeous picture! WE're supposed to get warmer temperatures over the next week - can spring be too far away?

His Girl said...

oh how I love the spring! autumn & spring are my two favorite seasons.

by the way, LOOOOVE your new(ish) signature! so FAB

Julieann said...

What a lovely picture and Yay for spring is on its way:)


Anonymous said...

Roll on Spring! What a beautiful picture inspiring!

Love, Tina :)

Tracy said...

Everyone is posting about Spring. Not here! We still have FEET of snow. The high tomorrow is supposed to be 29! Brrrr. Nope. No spring here.