Tuesday, April 22, 2008

FREE Biblical Resources

When reading Christian literature, I mostly prefer to read men from a previous era in comparison to the modern day authors. There certainly are some exceptions to the rule, but I find that the Puritans confront sin head on, and get to the point without watering down God's word for fear that they might offend.

Several years ago, I received a few pieces of free literature enclosed in a book order, I believe that I had ordered from Vision Forum. The literature was very worthwhile, and upon reading the letter that accompanied the materials, I contacted the company.

Chapel Library out of Pensacola, Florida, is a non-profit ministry. They publish Christian tracts, a quarterly publication, Free Grace Broadcaster, print old sermons such as Sinners in the Hands of an Angry God, monthly printings of A.W. Pink's Studies in the Scriptures, and much more. There materials are available free of charge. You may download some of these materials, or you may request to have the hard copy mailed to you. Check them out. They've been a real blessing to me!


Short Stop said...

I love "The Relgious Affections" by Jonathan Edwards. I first read it in college and it really impacted me.

Julieann said...

OHHH, Thank you Tracy:)


Dianne said...

If you enjoy reading from Author's from the past and good Christian Literature then Lamplighter's Publishing is for you. They are a publisher who finds Christian Authors both men and women who wrote in the 1800 and earlier and they put their work back into print. These books are great for young people. There are some that are geared for the younger generations and then their are some that are great for adults as well. There website is www.Lampligherpublishing.com

Also if you are looking for a good modern day author who is a Christian who writes fantastic novels that always have a Christian Emphasis in them. A person reading these could never walk away and say they have not heard the gospel in the story. Most of his book have a historical setting as well. My favorite of his is "The Secret of the Rose" Series. The authors name is Michael Phillips. The first book in the Series is called "The Eleventh Hour". It is a story about Poland and Germany during the reign of Hitler. The story is about a polish family who gets envolved in the underground railroad to help Jewish families escape the holocaust. I loved the story. It is wonderful and I would recommend it highly to anyone. And Michael Phillips is one of my favorite authors.

Daughter of the King said...

I too love older writers, the last two I read from Keepers of the Faith were EXCELLANT...I love fiction from Grace Livingston Hill as it just is so much more worthy my time and inspirational and Christians act like Christians in most cases, I am almost giving up the more modern fiction.
Time is time and only have so much time to read so I am trying to be a bit wiser.

Toni said...

Thank you so much for the link tracy!!I am going to gocheck it out right now!!Blessings!

an said...

Hi, I just stopped by to read your crochet hook case tutorial (I'm always losing them, it's so frustrating) and saw that you like older writers about theology. I wanted to recommend a book, Let her Speak For Herself, by Marion Ann Taylor and Heather Weir. It's really interesting, they went and found women who wrote about Genesis during the nineteenth century. The book is made up of those writings with introductions.

I'm totally biased, because I know Heather and Marion, but they are wonderful and this is really good book.