Saturday, April 12, 2008

He's Home!

Mac is back from his trip, safe and sound. He had a wonderful time in sunny southern California. He got along well with his roommate, and made several other new friends.

Fourteen young men from all over the country gathered to learn about what it takes to go into the ministry in the Orthodox Presbyterian Church. They sat through two days of classes:
The Call to the Ministry, Seminary Education: What and Why, Preparing for the Ministry Now, The Office of the Minister, and The Process Toward Ordination. They also attended a class at Westminster Theological Seminary on New Testament Interpretation. Mac said he really didn't get much from that as they were reading from the Greek, of which he knows none.

All work and no play makes for a hard time sitting still, so the young men were treated with a trip to the beach, and the chance to try surfing. Mac said it was exhausting and the water was cold, but it was a blast.

When I asked Mac what his concluding thoughts of his trip were, he expressed that it was a really good time of fellowship with other people his age. He's in public school, and doesn't get the chance to really talk theology with other young people. Sure, he witnesses, but it's not the same as being immersed with like minded people. He enjoyed the godly men who ran the conference. It also made him realize that it appears that there are things lacking in our Presbytery. All in all, he had a great time.

In honor of his homecoming, I made his favorite dinner with Abigail's assistance.

I made BBQ sandwiches, while she made the Cheesy Potato Casserole. We added some peas, and called it a meal. Mac was thrilled.

In other news, Autumn and Collin have been watching Iron Chef America for months. They've decided to compete against one another several evenings this week. After dinner, they head out to the kitchen. Everyone else must stay out while they work. When their desserts are ready, they carry them back to the table where everyone oohs and ahhs, and then critically tastes each one. Here are some of their beautiful creations:

Tri-Layer Chocolate Pie by Collin

Chocolate Banana Cream Pie by Autumn

Peanut Butter Surprise! by Collin

Sour Cherry Lemonade by Collin

Strawberry Cherry Cheesecake by Autumn

So far, they have each won once. Mac thinks he wants to be a challenger next time. Abigail is loving this competition. Two desserts! That's a winning combination!

And Grandma is driving me crazy! Her back hurts. Alot. And she insists on ironing several times a week, cleaning her closets and drawers, washing furniture, etc. Now let me tell you that she is the cleanest person you'd ever hope to meet. Her room wasn't dirty to begin with. Ever since she got upset about not being able to do things, she seems to be pushing herself. I've helped her, and so has Autumn. Verne even washed her bathroom down this week, but she's still finding things that she insists need done. She says she needs to get "her place" done before the end of April so that she can enjoy the summer. Then she practically cries because her back hurts so badly. I gave her a lecture tonight at supper, telling her that she's doing too much. She needs to slow down. I think she likes it when I get stern with her. Crazy woman! But oh, how I love her!


Tori said...

So glad he's home safe and sound.
The meal looks yummy and all those deserts, yummy!

Emily (Unfurling Flower) said...

So glad to hear Mac had such a good time! Oh and those deserts that Autumn and Collin have been making look amazing! Good job to both of them. You have some very skilled cooks in your house - must have learnt from an exceptional one! ;)

Short Stop said...

Those dessert creations are AMAZING! Oh, how I wish I could eat just one meal at your house!

Sounds like Mac had a great trip! I'm glad he's home safe and sound...and enjoyed his favorite dinner!

Hope you have a great Sunday!

jane said...

How wonderful to have Mac home. I'm hoping the airlines cooperated with his schedule..? BBQ Beef Sandwiches (us too!) and all the trimmings but didn't you know that peas are 'little green balls of mushy poison'? hehe.

Dessert! First! Because you just don't know when a lightening bolt with your name on it with hit.

I'm praying for your Grandmother. Sweet thing *is* overdoing it.

Rebecca said...

How cute that they are re-creating Iron Chef!! And how fortunate for you. What creativity your kids have.

Dianne said...

So glad, Mac is home safe and the meal you made him looks great and the desserts look even better. My hats off to you all!

As for granny, maybe she needs to feel useful. When my Arthritis acts up and sometimes it does, I use a creme called Freeze-it. Walmart brand. The chiropractors and gyms sell it as biofreeze. It works wonders for the pain. Maybe you could find something like that for her. If you want I could give you the ingredients that's in it in case you don't have those particular ones in your stores.

Momma Roar said...

Now I know I should have come to your house - just to try some desserts!! :)

I'm glad Mac is home and that he had such a great time. I'm sure he has fond memories of his trip!

Karen said...

I'm so glad that Mac is home safe with you! It's wonderful that he was able to go and experience this.
I want to come live with you! My goodness, such fun you all have, and the desserts? Oh my. I'm drooling.
Hope Grandma's back is better now. I'm the same way. If I think it needs cleaning, then I won't stop until it passes my expectations. Yeah, it gets my back, too. and arms, and legs, and feet.......:o)

Becky said...

Oh my goodness what a fun little competition. Looks to me like everybody wins!!

Abounding Treasures said...

Glad Mac is back safe and sound and enjoyed his trip so much!

Your Junior Chefs sure have come up with some great ideas :o)

Poor Grandma ~ she probably just wants to feel 'useful' and in doing so to the point that she knows she IS, it causes her pain and you frustration :o)

Let us know if that "Freeze-It" works that Dianne told you about and if it does, I'll mention it to my mom!


His Girl said...

*raises hand* if you need any judges for your competition, you know where to find me, right?

Gena said...

I'm glad Mac is home safe and had such a wonderful time. I'm sure he was thrilled to come home to that delicious dinner!

Those desserts look amazing. I think I might have to get a little competition going her - we never have enough dessert.

As for Grandma - I think it is wonderful that she does so much. I just wish, for you, that she didn't clean until it hurts!

Anonymous said...

Great to hear Mac had a good time, I can tell you're glad to have hime home again though!

Mmm-mmm! Those desserts look yummy! Clever kids!

Love, Tina :)

Tracy said...

Dianne and Dallas,

Grandma does have the BioFreeze. She uses it on her legs, but not her back. It's not her muscles that hurt.

She has severe osteoporosis. She's lost about 6 inches in height. Her ribs rub on her pelvic bones, causing severe pain. She does have pain pills, but they don't always help. Thanks for the suggestions, though.

The BioFreeze does help her arthritis.

Daughter of the King said...

Safe and sound and home to a favorite meal, what could be better.
Sure like you Iron chef thing you got going on at your fun.

Stacie said...

Hello Mrs. K,

I'm so glad that Mac had a great time! It sounds like it was such a wonderful opportunity!

Autumn and Collin's desserts look beautiful and yummy.

I hope Grandma gets to feeling better!

Goodbye =)