Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Cello Debut

Autumn had her first cello recital Monday evening. It wasn't without flaw, but I was very proud of her. Her first three months of lessons have really paid off. Several people asked her to join them in the local orchestra, and she was pleased as punch.


Momma Roar said...

I just love her smile when she finished!!!

Such a great job Autumn!!

Wow - that brings back some memories! I just love the sound of a cello!

Btw, does finding one for free make me hip? ;-) 'Cause if it wasn't free, I know I wouldn't have spent the money! heehee

Rachel said...

Autumn, you did awesome!! I can't believe you have only had 3mth. of lessons. Keep up the good work:)
Tracy, thank you so much for posting this video clip. Sorry I wasn't able to make the recital, but at least I got to enjoy Autumn's performance.

Kelley said...

You must be so proud and what a gorgeous smile she had when she finished!
Wishing you a blessed day!

randi---i have to say said...

Congrats to Autumn! Three months on the cello and she joins the orchestra! Good for her!

~~ said...

Wow, three months and she is dong that well?! How wonderful. Sage sad "Hey, she's good." :0)
Good job Autumn! Bring the cello when you come to visit and we can lay a track down.


Jodi said...

Great job Autumn! I loved the little smile at the end! I can well remember that feeling of relief when a recital is over! Congratulations on the invitation to join the orchestra; there is something very special about making music as a group. Have fun with it!

Anonymous said...

Wow, she's only been playing for 3 months? She's very good. Congratulations Autumn!(o:

Ways of Zion said...

I Love it! I always wanted to take cello but Mom said it wasn't "feminine" enough...rubish! I wish to learn now but with 3 Goons 5yrs and under that isn't happening anytime soon!

When did she start learning??

lady jane said...


That was a lovely composition she performed, and wonderfully performed I might add. I felt as if I should be wearing a P&P style dress while sitting in the audience. :o)

Cello is my favorite instrument so thank you so much for the concert.

Kelli said...

It sounds wonderful! Great job, Autumn!

Christian Homekeeper said...

Wow! Great job! ;)

Penless Thoughts said...

How wonderful after only 3 months. Way to go, Autumn!!!

Dianne said...

Autumn did a fantastic job, Tracy! Congratulate her for me. I enjoyed the piece that she played and she has a very winning smile!

You would have thought she had been playing a lot longer than just three months. She's terrific!