Friday, August 15, 2008

Olympic Fever

This is definitely a time where I'm thankful for homeschooling. If the children had to be on a bus by 7 AM they certainly couldn't be up until past 11 PM each night watching the Olympic games. We've been enjoying gathering in the living room each evening and cheering for the red, white, and blue. We do usually pull the plug before the coverage is over, and for this reason I'm thankful to have DVR. Well, that and being able to rewind live TV. Especially when a contest is so close as in tonight's 200m butterfly. DID YOU SEE IT? Oh my! We were all cheering!

Not only have the Olympics been on our TV, but they've been with us throughout the day as well. Abigail and Collin play Olympics in the backyard and in the pool. Autumn is constantly keeping up with the medal count.

During the 2000 summer Olympics, we opened our school year with a unit on the Olympics. Verne and I worked together to really make it grand. Each morning, Verne would go to work, and we would work on language, science, and math. Each child had to pick a country that was participating in the Olympics. No one was allowed to pick the United States. They had to research their country learning about climate, way of life, imports and exports, etc. They had to make a country flag and design a uniform to wear while they competed in our Olympic events.

Late in the afternoon when Verne arrived home from work, the games would begin. First, Verne taught a unit about Olympic history. The children were tested on the country of their choice, and Olympic history. Then the fun really began! We had gymnastics, track and field, etc. The children participated in long jump, a mini-marathon, high jump, a sprint, broad jump, triple jump, Frisbee (discus) throw, softball (shot put) throw, rings, balance beam, and hurdles. We had medal ceremonies after each event and played the National Anthem of the winner (found on the Internet). While our children didn't go to Sydney, Athens, or Beijing, those are two weeks that I don't think our children will ever forget.


Sharon said...

That is so wonderful that your husband takes an active part in educating your children! I loved homeschooling my daughter and cried when our last day of her 12th grade was finished.

Autumn said...

That was the best week of school ever. Maybe we should do it again. =)

Anonymous said...

It's great that you all shared so much fun together!

By-the-way, I love your new theme...very pretty!

love, Tina :)

~~Deby said...

oh is that so cool how you are watching and keeping track..we are enjoying watching some of the events too.....

Rebecca said...

Love how you preserved those memories in your scrapbook. Beautiful, fun-looking pages!

Abigail said...

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Short Stop said...

Now that is awesome!

Tracy, you inspire me so much. I hope you know that.

Stacie said...

Hey Mrs. K!

I like the scrapbook! That is so cool you guys did that in 2000. Autumn and Mac told me all about it before. Sounds fun! :) I bet that was their favorite school assignment! haha

Have a great week!