Thursday, September 11, 2008

Nature Girl

Abigail is constantly taking herself on nature field trips right in our own yard. I often hear the door slam followed by the likes of, "Mom!!! You've got to come quick and see this! There are two grasshoppers mating on the front porch!", or "Mom, there's an all black woolly worm on the side of the house."

She's been observant of the natural world around her since she was very young. She's watched a caterpillar spin its chrysalis on our fence, and then just happened to be there when the butterfly came out, and she has watched a horsefly lay eggs on the side door through the window pane.

This morning I heard the familiar slam, and then "Mom! There's a praying mantis eating a moth on one of the zinnias." She ran back outside, camera in hand, and watched the poor moth be devoured. Each time I hear that slam I think I should be calling National Geographic or Animal Planet.


That Good Part said...

My grandson is crazy for bugs!
His Mama...not so much...LOL!
His Nanny...not so much, either!!!

Abounding Treasures said...

I have a son who was like that when he was young .... he just loved *catching* things and watching them.

My husband even built him a *cage* for his collection of snakes which he wanted to have stay in our basement.

It was OK until one of the snakes literally *stood up* and looked at me one day and then I lost it and out they went!!!


Short Stop said...

Now that is SO very cool. Wonderful pictures!

Terri said...

My children are the same way. We found 2 praying mantis today on the side of the house. They are very neat creatures.

Beck said...

My kids are the same way! Tonight they all huddled on the porch to watch a yellow itchy caterpillar's slow progress across the steps.