Tuesday, September 30, 2008


With rising costs all around, I've been trying to cut back any way that I can. Our electric bill has been over $300 for some time. In the heat of the summer, it was $350! After picking myself up off of the floor, I turned our air conditioning OFF. I also refused to use my dryer unless it was a dire emergency. Yes, it was hot. VERY hot. But...

When the electric bill came yesterday, we realized a savings of over $100. Now, if I can just figure out how to keep warm in the winter...


Ways of Zion said...

up here in the north we cover most of our windows with a plastic sheeting that you then shrink on with a hair dryer. This makes sure that there are no leaks or drafts. We do it on our new windows even as it acts a barrier between the inside of the house and the freezing cold glass. We leave 3 windows bare of the treatment so that we can get fresh air in.

Also laying blankets on the floor rolled up in front of all doors

Lots of Blankets on the beds!

Hope that helps!

Momma Roar said...

Really, your dryer? I barely ever use mine. It serves more for a storage area than a dryer, LOL!

When I get cold in the winter - that is when it is time for me to get moving - I'm usually only cold after I've been sitting, so I try to get up and do something to warm up - dust, vacuum. Oh, and drinks lots of hot chocolate! ;-)

Julieann said...

Oh Tracy--I can so relate to your bill--ours was 350 too---UGH!

That is so great on the hundred dollar saving---Woohooo:)


P.S. It is against our association to line dry, so I have to use the dryer.

Anonymous said...

We haven't shut down the air conditioner yet but we do keep it rather warm during the day when we are up so that I can keep it cooler at night for sleeping. I may be strange, but I can't sleep well if I'm warm and typically will wake with a headache and stuffy nose if we don't keep the temperature in the house around 78 at night. However, we live in the deep south and only use our heat one or two nights a year. By having our electric bill averaged, it never gets higher than about $240 a month. The nice thing about winter is that you can always add more layers of clothing-in summer you can only undress so far without compromising your modesty. :-)
It's tough to know just where to cut back. We just found out that my dh's work hours will be changing and instead of having 3 shifts, they will have 2 12 hour shifts which means he'll lose the pay differential that he's been getting for working second shift. :-( We are certain that it will all work out fine, but it does mean that we need to take another look at where we can cut back.

Christian Homekeeper said...

Sounds like you saved a substantial amount! We also have been trying to figure out ways to save this winter, we decided to not use the heat until the morning and then get the house very warm and keep it off the rest of the day and wear socks, etc. I also don't use the lights during the day and unplug things (coffee pot, radios, etc). I didn't think it would make a difference but it did! Our bill was $90 a month, now it is $45 a month, that is for 1500 sq ft house. Happy savings!!


Tracy said...

Tracy it's been quite a while since I've had a moment to sit quietly. I finally have caught up on all the goings on at your place.

First, I am oh so impressed with the way your family handle courtship rather than dating. My girls are only just starting to head into the beginnings of change, but already I have mentioned that there is a difference and that relationships with boys should only be with the purpose of marriage. I'm going to need to develop that thinking further as they grow!!!!

I love Autumn's pies. They look good enough to reach into the computer screen and take a piece to eat!!!!!

Short Stop said...

I hear ya'. Ours has been outrageous, too. That's awesome you saved so much money!