Tuesday, September 2, 2008

September Has Arrived

The last days of August passed right on by as we flew through our weekend. My in laws arrived Sunday afternoon just as we returned home from morning worship.

We spent the afternoon eating good food and lounging in the pool. I can't believe it's September and the water is still 86F! I guess we won't be closing it any time soon.

We celebrated Labor Day with friends and family. Verne and Mac ran in a 10k, and both took second place in their age groups. Mac finished at 45:10 and Verne came in at 51:10. Verne gave me a bit of a scare when he crossed the finish line positively gray. He was disoriented, and dizzy. He had a case of heat stroke which we attributed to the humidity and dehydration. When you're running a race on a hot day make sure you drink the water at the stops instead of just dumping it on yourself!

Autumn ran/walked in a 5k with several friends. She did it more for the exercise than a fast time. She and Lily hung tight clear to the end.

We had a lot of cheering to do since 13 people from our church participated in the two events. We joined several families for a picnic and a swim after the race.

It was back to school today with time out for a trip to the dog groomer where Daisy was made beautiful, and piano lessons for Abigail. Chester would like you to know that he doesn't need a groomer to keep himself looking good, thank you very much.


Ways of Zion said...

so glad to hear that the comment just got lost!

Amazing September is already here! I don't know how you do it with homeschooling, I'm just getting into the whole schooling thing and am SO blessed that our chruch runs a school so I can send Magoo there.

Anonymous said...

Daisy looks so pretty! And Chester is absolutely correct--he's quite handsome without the aid of a groomer. (o;

That Good Part said...

My that pool looks nice!
It is 96ยบ here in Ohio...not typical at all!!

What a nice healthy and active family!☺

Terri said...

What a fun weekend! The past few days have been beautiful here and it looks like you had the same weather.

Cyndy said...

Chester is very handsome and plush looking...I can almost feel how soft he must be! Cats are their own best groomers (just watch out for hairballs!)

Jodi said...

How energetic you all have been! Kudos to you all - even the cheerleaders. :o) We usually keep our pool open till the end of September. And let Chester know that is one very key reason why I consider myself a "cat" person!! ;o) (But it's a secret, Chester, so don't tell our dog!)

Toni said...

Wow what great excersize that was to participate in the race!! Sounds like you guys had a nice end of summer picnic as well! Great photos of your pets too. Very cute!! thanks for sharing! Blessings!!