Thursday, January 29, 2009

I Need A Sign

I remember my Driver's Education teacher very well. Mr. Mapes was his name. He wore glasses and had gray hair. I know why he had gray hair. And why mine is getting more gray with each passing day.
Mr. Mapes was always calm. He used to make me pull into the Sheetz gas station, where he would enter the store. He always returned with the daily newspaper, and a cup of coffee. With no lid. He was a brave man. Much braver than I am.
Mac has been driving solo for several months. Last week, I had a doctors appointment that Verne was going to take me to. Since he was running late, Mac offered to drive me to meet his dad. He did a great job. I marvelled at how far he had come since I was teaching him. (Good thing since he has his license!)
Now, I'm back at it. Autumn got her permit on Monday. She drove home from town that day, and we made it in one piece. I took her out again today. She's already improved in keeping the car in the center of her lane, but I'm still a nervous wreck. I wish I knew Mr. Mapes' secret.


50s Housewife said...

Oh I know exactly how you feel. We are about to start this for the 3rd time. When I rode with the older two as they were learning I was always trying to press that imaginary brake pedal. :)

Anonymous said...

I absolutely relate to this Tracy. My 18 and half year old son got his actual driver's license about 18 months ago. He is an excellent driver and I know feel very safe when I am in the passenger seat. But, boy, was I a nervous, stressed wreck in the early days, when he only had is Learner's permit, and then as a new driver. I am so not cut out for teaching anyone to drive, and would need to be on val*ium the whole time I think.

My daugher is very nearly 16 and has excitedly announced her lawful ability to go get her learner driver's licence. I can't imagine this pettite young 'baby' of mine behind the wheel and will have to let her father give her the lessons.

LOL as I read this...

randi said...

Not fun! Lucky for me, my hubs does most of the driver's training, but after the kids get the basics I have to do some too. Grey hairs and worry lines, for sure!


Becky K. said...

We are in the midst of teaching one and soon a second to drive.

Maybe he added an herbal remedy to that coffee???? lol

Becky K. said...

We are in the midst of teaching one and soon a second to drive.

Maybe he added an herbal remedy to that coffee???? lol

lady jane said...

one word: valium


You *know* I'm kidding. Rocky taught Lizzie to drive. He's much more patient. It's a good thing.

Jodi said...

Congratulations, Autumn!!

I'd say that Mr. Mapes' coffee with no lid was brave indeed considering how new drivers tend to brake suddenly and hard. Hugs to you, Tracy; those first few drives can be awfully nerve wracking!

Mrs. Rabe said...

It is amazing isn't it? I have two that are licensed drivers and I did most of the driving part teaching and my husband did the parallel parking etc...They both do great!

It is so helpful too!

His Girl said...

Ahhhh, you just made me remember Mr.Bundy. Also bald and grey. Coincidence? hahaha.