Monday, March 30, 2009

Spring Sing

For the last four and months we've been practicing song after song on Sunday evenings in preparation to visit an assisted living facility. Tonight was the big night for our "Spring Sing". Despite the fact that practice doesn't always make perfect, we had fun, and the residents enjoyed themselves immensely. 

Our program was divided into two halves: a spiritual section in which we sang six or seven songs proclaiming the redeeming love of our Savior, and a secular section in which we sang many songs from the 1920's and '30's. The secular half also featured some dancing, and quite a few costume changes. 

At the conclusion of the program, several young women in our group handed out crochet flower pins that they had made themselves to the women in the audience. Jon and Aaron were dressed like vendors in a ballpark and served homemade crackerjack and cookies that were decorated like baseballs. 

What a worthwhile evening! To see the smiles on the faces of these elderly people, to watch them singing as they recalled these songs that had been popular in the days of their youth, made each practice so worth the time. Perfect? No. There were plenty of mistakes, but I dare say not one of those residents cared. 


Danielle said...

What a wonderful idea!

Karen said...

Your blog is always an inspiration to me, Tracy. Thank you for sharing your life in this way.

I've nominated you for the Creative Blogger Award, because you've encouraged and inspired me time and time again. You can pick it up at:

God's blessings to you and your family!

Persuaded said...

oh, i bet they just loved it! how wonderfully thoughtful of you all. and how especially nice to have included young folks in the enterprise♥

Anonymous said...

Sounds wonderful Tracy, I wish I'd been there to see those faces. x

Terri said...

What a great idea! My family has been doing a monthly Vespers service at a nursing home and it's a wonderful opportunity for my children to interact with the elderly.

Anonymous said...

Visiting with older folks has always been a favorite of mine-they have such a different perspective on things.
I'm sure that they were blessed by your singing.

Xon and Katie said...

Did you all get pics? Xon could put them on the church site.