Monday, April 6, 2009

Flowering Crabapple

Crabapple. You certainly wouldn't want to eat the fruit, but the tree is gorgeous, especially at this time of year. 

It was a difficult weekend. And a wonderful weekend. 

We made the 500 mile drive to Pennsylvania on Thursday. One truck packed with Grandma's belongings, driven by Verne, and Abigail as his companion. One mini-van packed with people: Collin, Mac, Jon, Autumn, Grandma, and me. Two stops. Nine and a half hours. 

We had Grandma's possessions unloaded at my parent's home in no time, and then made our way to Verne's parents to set up camp for the weekend. All three boys in a borrowed travel camper, girls in the living room, and spare bedroom, Verne and I in his boyhood room. Sleep didn't come easy. 

Living so far away makes for difficult visits. We ride in the car from one relative to another, making sure that we see everyone in a short amount of time. Friday we dutifully made our rounds. Verne's grandpa in the hospital, my pap in the assisted living facility, Verne's grandma in her home. Never knowing if this will be the last time we might see them as they're 95, 84, and 87, respectively. Aunts and cousins popping in here and there made for lively conversation. 

Saturday we visited old neighbors, and then met my family at my parent's home. I'd like to have a nickel for every time Jon was asked how tall he is over the weekend. He would, too. And then, it was time to say goodbye to Grandma for we'd be leaving in the morning. And it wasn't easy. Three years is a long time to live with someone. 

We made our way to Dayton, OH, to visit our dear friends and worship in our former church. Such a sweet time of fellowship!  

We arrived back home shortly before 2 AM. I'm exhausted. More emotionally than physically which leaves me surprised. 

Laundry. And more laundry. And waiting for Grandma to wake and come to the kitchen, but she doesn't. 



Michelle said...

I'll be praying for you today Tracy-

Rachel said...


Persuaded said...

i'm sure it will be a tremendous adjustment for all of you♥

hace you ever heard of crabapple preserves? i have, but i've never tasted them... wonder if they'd be worth a try☺

have a restful day, dear.

Karen said...

Thank you, Tracy, for sharing this. With each of us having only one living parent, and them being 79 and 80 now, we're always conscious that our days are numbered. But actually they are for everyone, including us. None of us knows what tomorrow my bring, only that the Lord has numbered our days...It's so good to read about your multi-generational family gatherings. I'm sure that they are both sweet and sad....Also, I wanted to chime in about the crab apple preserves. My mother and I used to make crab apple jelly and butter, and both were really a treat for us! They have a lovely pale pink color and a very delicate fruity taste if cook them with their skins on. Use a jelly bag to strain the juice for the jelly. Then, press the rest through a cone-shaped colander for the butter. We always added almond extract along with sugar and pectin. You can follow the recipe on the packaging for Sure-Jell.

Susan said...

You are in my prayers Tracy. I know it hurts.

jAne said...

Through your words I sense your exhaustion and longing, Tracy. Please know I'm praying for you and yours. The adjustment will take time..time for God to work in your hearts. <><


Terri said...

Tracy, I'll be praying for you. You have a lot of transition happening in your life right now.


Sharon said...

Praying for you!

han_ysic said...

it's a small world. I spent 7 months on exchange living around dayton OH in 1998. It's a very special part of the world to me, with wonderful generous people and beautiful countryside.

Jodi said...

The last few weeks have all run together for me, and I didn't realize it was already time for your Grandma to move. Praying that the time of adjustment will be made easy for you all.