Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Digging Potatoes

I spent the late morning digging potatoes in our raised bed garden. Not too many, just enough for a few meals.

The earth was soft, and there were many creepy crawlies!

My neighbor Pauline, who is older and wiser, digs her potatoes with a spoon. She never cuts potatoes in half like I do. Oops!

The cold water from the hose felt magnificent on my dirt covered feet, and had me wishing that we hadn't already closed the pool.


~Karen~ said...

We dug our potatoes out about a month ago, and they look just like this! I'll have to try the spoon idea. Pretty smart.

jAne said...

I bet homegrown taters are amazingly delish. :o) A friend and I have decided to grow fingerlings, and now is the time to plant for them. Excited!

Have you seen the movie "Faith Like Potatoes"? Wonderful movie.

Bless you this day,
jAne ~ tickleberry farm

Becky K. said...

Hi Tracy,

They just don't get any fresher than that! I remember the one year my parents grew potatoes. I don't know why they never did it again...but I do remember that many were cut.

Becky K.

Tracy said...


They are delish, indeed, and yes, we have seen the movie. It was very good!

Joie said...

Have you heard about growing them in a trash can? I know someone who swears by that but only heard about it this year. You dump them out so there is no digging.