Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Imperfect Beauty

Imperfect beauty is having pieces missing from your wings, but still being able to fly. It's having grey "highlights", and a husband who tells you that you are the most beautiful woman in the world, each and every day.

Imperfect beauty is grass that is far too long, but feels like a lush carpet under bare feet. It's needing to lose weight, but having children who love to hug you and tell you that you are so "comfy"!

Imperfect beauty is callused, hard working man hands that gather flowers from the sides of the roads, or pretty "weeds" from the garden and bring them to his wife. It's a wife who has also worked hard and is tired from a long day, but melts and feels relaxed and refreshed from his kisses.

Imperfect beauty is a clean load of laundry made hairy by the cat who wants to be near you, no matter what you are doing. It's pieces of dog food lying on the floor by a dog too blind to see what she has dropped, but able to find her ball when you play fetch with her. It's messes under the dining room table made by children, while happily laughing together at dinner time.

What's imperfectly beautiful at your house?


Susan said...

What a sweet post. Imperfect beauty at our house is aging wrinkled faces that echo pure love and see youth and vigor and many years ahead.

Mrs.Rabe said...

Wonderful post, Tracy!

We have many of the same imperfections around here!

I would add: an imperfectly made bed by a sweet young daughter wanting to surprise her mama. And dripping popsicle sticks from a boy who can't wait for me to read the joke on his stick!


Sheri said...

So true dear friend... beautiful post.

Anonymous said...

Very true...And I *loved* the photos you took. Beautiful post. (o:

Kristy said...

Tracy, this post was beautiful and was just what I needed to read. Thank you for reminding me to see the beauty and gift of the life that God has blessed us with. Imperfect beauty for me, today, is sitting amongst piles and piles of boxes, waiting to hear if our settlement on our new house is post-poned, not knowing where we may live for the next couple of days with our 3 angels, yet knowing and trusting that the God of all creation is still sovereign and has our future planned perfectly, and our girls will go wherever we have to go, knowing that as long as they are with mommy and daddy, all is okay.

Sylvia said...


Beautiful post !

Imperfect beauty for me is the happy smile of a child with a fallen tooth, the kiss between a husband and a wife or a child and parent regardless of morning breath, kisses and hugs given by little fingers and mouth smudged in chocolate, weekend cuddles and sleep ins that linger long past wake up time, the dog who licks your face and hands when you read about germs, a little boy who loves his mommy so much and wants to be with her that he will play on the floor with his cars while she does her make up, the unwashed smell of my children when I pick them up at school and hug them, the smell of sweat my husband after a hard day's work, the welcome smell of my parents and in laws when I hug them after 30 hours of travel by plane.
And finally, the spicy, noisy, dusty, crowded, dirty smell and sight of my native country which I visit every year.

God Bless,

Abounding Treasures said...

Oh Tracy,

This is so beautiful and such an inspiring reminder to my imperfect heart :o)

Short Stop said...

LOVE this post. Such wonderful perspective in it.

At our house, imperfect beauty is Legos all over the dining room table, laundry spilling out of baskets, and dishes filling the sink. Happy children and a clothed and fed family. Imperfectly beautiful!

Anonymous said...

Tracy, what a beautiful post...
It's been such a long time and I am glad that I found you again! Ü
Wishing you a blessed weekend full of sweet and simple joys! ♥

Jodi said...

Oh ... what a beautiful post and it looks like wonderful comments which I'll wait to read because my imperfect beauty is that my sweet baby is crying to nurse at the moment. :o)