Friday, September 25, 2009

List of Links

Ever since my friend Katie brought these to a church fellowship meal they have been my favorite brownie. I think the icing would be marvelous on any chocolate cake. Pillsbury's Almond-Toffee-Mocha Squares. Coffee lovers, these are for you!

This post by Rebecca at Renaissance is a wonderful reminder that we need to be teaching our children to work alongside us. Yes, it makes our tasks more difficult while they are learning, but the rewards are lifelong. It is our job as parents to produce productive members of society.

Two young sisters, Emily Rose and Breezy Tulip, have begun a project that you'll want to check out. They've combined their talents and come up with some really beautiful paper dolls that will be available to purchase soon, Lord willing.

I've been enchanted with the photography by Alyssa Ann at Resolved2Worship for a while now. Her pictures draw you in, but take the time to read her words. She's a mom of 7 with a heart for God, her husband, and her children. You'll visit her again and again. Trust me.


Danielle said...

Mmm, looks yummy...and a glass of milk too:-)

I saw the paper exciting I now have a girl to be able to buy those for!

BTW ~ Loved yesterdays school project:-)

Rachel said...

"Resolved to Worship" - I was so surprised to see this link. I have been stopping to view her photos for more than a year now. I LOVE her photography too!!!
We actually were in the same homeschooling program with her DH, have been to her in-laws house, her sister-in-law was on our traveling team...............
Her DH's family was also one of the only other reformed families that we knew in the program at the time.
It truly is a small world. Thanks for all of the links!

Mrs. Anna T said...

Mmm these look delicious!