Friday, October 16, 2009


By Abigail

Mother looked out the kitchen window and sighed. It was her birthday, and everyone had gone and left her alone on a day that was supposed to be celebrated. But that didn’t matter. She never cared about her own birthday, always rushing from one task to the next, only worrying about squeezing enough time to make everyone’s birthday, and other days special. What bothered her was the echo of silence, telling her that she was all alone. Not any one to talk with was there. Only the quietness was with her, all around her, enveloping her. She decided to take a walk. It was mid-fall, and the leaves were turning deep crimson, autumn gala orange and bright yellows. She donned a sweater, and stepped outside. How beautiful everything was! “The heavens declare His Majesty!” she exclaimed. The birds were chirping, the air was crisp, and she felt as if she were soaring among the beauty of God’s creation. She walked at a slow pace, taking everything in. Finally, she turned toward home. As she was walking up the front porch steps, she suddenly stopped. She had been all wrong about thinking that she was alone this afternoon. Yes, she knew it now; God would always be there to guide her, to talk with, listening to everything. No human being could she count on as much as she could count on our Lord and Savior. She walked in the door, without noticing that there were cars parked in the driveway. She hung her sweater up, and walked into the living room. As she did, her husband walked up and gave her a hug and kiss. “Happy Birthday my love.” He murmured, gently stroking her hair. She instantly was lost in his love as she clung to him, drinking in his every word. At that moment, the rest of the family sprung up from various hiding spots and shouted, “Happy Birthday!” Then, various friends came, and they fellowshipped together. She received many wonderful gifts, which she enjoyed, but of those she did not care. She only enjoyed her family and friends' company on one of the precious days that the Lord has provided.

Her children and husband came up to her, after everyone had gone their separate ways, and thanked her for the many things she had done for them. “You do so much, and we never do enough for you! We can never thank you enough, dear Mother.”

The End

Mother was written with feeling, for my own mother’s birthday. The last line that Mother’s children spoke in the story is what I feel towards Mom. Happy Birthday Mom!!!! Love,

Abigail Grace


jAne said...

Okay. um.....

Am I to assume then that I (we) missed your birthday?!?!?!?!

If so, hApPY bIrtHDaY!!!!!!!!!

rebecca said...

How beautiful Abigail. Your mother is truly Blessed to have such sweet words written to her by you.
Happy Birthday, Tracy.

Michelle, a heart at home said...

Happy (belated) Birthday Tracy!

I do hope your day was special. :-)

Hailey's Beats and Bits said...

wow. i'll cry buckets with this one. happy birthday!

Terri said...

Happy Birthday, Tracy! Abigail, that was beautifully written and brought tears to my eyes.

Mrs.Rabe said...

I forgot your birthday! I knew it was Friday from FB...I have many excuses but I won't offer them. However I will offer joyous birthday greetings and a hope for a very special year to come!

Abigail that was such a precious honoring story about your mother. You write very well!

Tracy, you are blessed indeed.

Jodi said...

Happy Birthday, Tracy! What a sweet girlie you have. :o)

Patricia said...

Well Happy Birthday Tracy! You are one blessed mama.

Jordin said...

Wow. What an awesome tribute to you, Tracy! I hope my children can say those things about me one day!

Happy Birthday! :)