Wednesday, October 21, 2009


Collin, Abigail, and I lingered in the park after the morning piano lessons and soaked up the sunshine and balmy temperatures. We know there aren't many of these beautiful autumn days left. We felt like we were short-changed this summer by cool, wet weather, and sadly, autumn seems to have taken the same pattern. The leaves looked like they were going to be glorious, but after a week of non-stop rain, the trees just look depressed, their drab clothes falling to ground without splendor.

There is still beauty to be found, but it must be searched out. It is hidden in the secret places. A ladybug on a wild chive. A woolly worm on a stone wall. Sunlight dancing on the iridescent feathers of a duck. If you look hard enough, you will find it.

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Jodi said...

Oh yes how the rain has fallen over the past couple of months! And if it hasn't been raining, the sky has been overcast with gray clouds. It's still too early for our leaves to peak, so I'm holding out hope. And the best news is that there's been no drought this year.

Love the pictures and the message. There is always beauty in God's creation.