Friday, November 20, 2009

Photo Challenge: Macro

I often take pictures of my cooking and baking for my recipe blog, and last Saturday was no exception. Though I had just finished breakfast, looking at the photos made me hungry all over again. This was a new creation: Cranberry Orange Scones. Yes, they were as good as they look!

For the most part, I found this macro challenge to be extremely difficult. I think my old point and shoot, which died nearly a year ago, took better up-close shots than my new camera.

I think the dandelion would have been better in different lighting. It was much too bright outside.

Chester kindly volunteered to be my model for several poses. I thanked him profusely since he generally turns away when he sees the camera.

He let me focus on his eyes.

And his nose.

I love the colors in the above photo if nothing else.

As I was walking around the yard looking for miniature things to capture with my lens, I spied several of these glistening egg masses on the peach tree. I have no idea what they are, but they're really beautiful in the sunlight.

Yesterday afternoon Collin brought me a daisy. I immediately thought of the macro challenge, but the camera wouldn't focus very well on the center. I then tried magnifying it, which worked fairly well, as long as I held the magnifying glass to the end of the camera lens rather than in front of the object.

This challenge was difficult, but more fun than I thought it would be. For more macro pictures, join us at Rebecca's house.


Anonymous said...

SO PRETTY!!! The colors are so striking, especially in your kitty's eyes and the leaf. Great job!!

jAne said...

Beautiful! God's handiwork in every little thing. Amazing.

Chester is beyond adorable.

jAne * tickleberry farm

Jemit said...

Magnificent! I love the cat pictures. Who ever heard of a cooperative cat? Imagine that!

Nanci said...


I rarely look at your blog photos without drooling. You always have the best food pictures posted.

All of the pictures are wonderful. I actually like the image showing the magnifying glass with the daisy. I know that it wasn't producing the clear macro image you were after, but I really like the play of light on the glass and the image of the flower behind it.

The last pic of the daisy is so clear and sharp that I almost feel I could touch it. I am definitely going to give this magnifying glass thing a try.

Wonderful images!!!

Bonnie said...

I am going to have to try a magnifying glass too!
All of these are just lovely, especially the leaves.

Carrie said...

I love the pics, especially the cats nose, just so sweet.
You now have me drooling for Cranberry/Orange scones and would love to have your recipe.
Love & Prayers

Peggy said...

All I can saw right now is I love your pictures... will try to post more later but can't see past the tears to type.

Rebecca said...

My house is so dark and dreary once the clock moves ahead I can't ever snap a good photo of food. So-my recipe blog is on hiatus. :-(

Your food (and photos of it) is always so tantalizing!

And I am just SO IMPRESSED with the concept of holding the magnifying glass TO the camera. WHY didn't I ever think of that? I am totally going to try that sometime this week! Thank you for sharing your tip!

Rachel said...

My camera does not work well on macro setting either (the boys' cameras work far better).
How cool that the magnifying glass worked so well - will have to try that:)
Beautiful pics by the way!!!!

...they call me mommy... said...

WOWSERS!! These are fantastic! :) I especially love the scones! YUM! :)


Full of Grace said...

All I can say is WOW! Every one of these is simply amazing!!! Great Job! :)

the voice of melody said...

You do such a great job with your pictures Tracy. The flowers are so very pretty and I like how you captured Chester's features from up close. What a cutie!

Mrs. Anna T said...


patricia said...

I love the daisy photos and the one with the magnifying glass is really creative! love it.