Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Hungarian Nut Rolls

I first made these with Verne's aunt over twenty years ago. Each week before we were married, Verne and I would go to his aunt's home to babysit her two young children while she worked an evening shift, and her husband was in a bowling league.

I taught Verne's much younger cousins many things that they didn't know. You know, valuable life skills, like making happy toast and volcanoes from baking soda and vinegar. In turn, Debbie taught me how to make these. I think I got the better end of the bargain.


Sharon said...

OH MY!!! That looks good!!!!! Makes me want to take a bite right through my computer. (hee-hee)

Mrs.Rabe said...


We are always trying new recipes, especially for dessert type things as we host large groups in our home most Sundays!

Carol said...

I grew up eating these since my family is from Checkloslovakia which is next to Hungary. Brought back good memories Thanks

jAne said...

looks very similar to potica, a nutted bread roll made by my father. he still makes it - each Christmas - and I still devour it. i'm selfish with my potica portion. ;o)

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