Thursday, April 22, 2010

Little Man in a Fix

Autumn, Collin, and Abigail dance every week with a group who performs at festivals and the occasional odd place. Tonight they visited a nursing home and entertained the residents. The crowd was very enthusiastic.

Especially when Abigail and Olivia flew through the air during Little Man in a Fix. It went over so well, they performed an encore.

The last dance of the night was an open waltz, and Autumn convinced a resident to join her on the floor. I'm pretty sure he was the envy of all the elderly men in the room.


Becky K. said...

The flying thing?
Looks a bit scary.

But, I guess the girls are in good hands.

My guys are into swing dancing these days. Who would have thought? Not me, in a million years!

Becky K.

jAne said...

oh wow! this looks fun! :o)

i'm certain that Autumn's dance partner thought it was 1943 all over again. brings tears to my eyes.

tickleberry farm

rebecca said...

I am completely amazed at how joyful Autumn is in the midst of all that has happened.
God truly is good!

Terri said...

That looks like a lot of fun!

Shelly said...

You are raising such amazing kids! In a world where we hear so many bad things about our young people, it is so wonderful to see kids who take the time to visit a nursing home and bring joy to an older generation.

BJ said...

Oh it would be nice to see a bit of the dance with the flying thing on video...hint, hint.

Nanci said...

My family is in agreement -- what a cool thing to do!!!

May the waltz go on.

Collin said...

Haha, that flying thing.... is a bit scary.

Kittee said...

Wow that looks incredibility fun!

Tracy said...

Your kids look like they're having the best time ever!

I always wanted to learn to dance ~ properly. I had my chance the other day, in the capable hands of my son's class...while the kids were singing their three times tables. His rationale? Waltzing and three times tables go together! The children thought it was hysterical.

Mrs.Rabe said...

That is so it folk dancing? We like learning these kinds of dances - we do English Country dancing and some civil war era...

Sweet about Autumn and her partner!

Momma Roar said...

What a great group to be a part of. I can laugh at your title now, but I wasn't sure what I was going to see when I clicked over. heehee

Have a great weekend!

Jodi said...

That flying thing looks very cool; I bet they put a lot of hard work into it. Sounds like fun to do -- and watch!