Thursday, March 22, 2007

Games People Play

Our family is big on playing games. I like this. We enjoy playing games together on family fun night, as I have previously mentioned. We also like sitting around the table in the middle of any given afternoon for a game time. As homeschoolers, we have many opportunities to spend the later part of the afternoon involved in different games. Abigail and Collin especially love to spend time together this way.


Monopoly. This game was actually mine from childhood. My brothers and I used to play this so long that we had to tuck the game board under a bed at night. We ran the bank broke, and had to make more money. Oh, the hours spent around this board!

Some of our other favorites include: Scrabble, Yahtzee, Risk, Parcheesi, Sequence, Cranium, Boggle, Uno, Checkers, Chess, Othello, Jenga, Guess Who?, Apples to Apples, and cards.

What does your family enjoy playing?


Christie Belle said...

Oh, I just love games! We play alot of the ones ya'll enjoy...Cranium is always interesting!!! I just recently learned how to play Sequence, although I am not very good, and Uno's always been a favorite. Monopoly on the other hand, can some times turn nasty when we play with Ash's hubby, he's relentless! We also enjoy Scattergories, Skip-bo, Balderdash, and Taboo:)

Karen said...

Uno is a biggie around here, as is Skip-Bo. That is so neat that you still have your old Monopoly game. Mine has been gone a lonnnngggg time! I had a little brother that liked to raid my room!
We use Boggle in our school, and Alaina, being a horse lover, has a game called "Herd your Horses"

Ash said...

I am a huge board game fan. My husband always picks on me about Monopoly. I cannot win. He always beats me. But like my sis Christie said, Cranium is fun, my favorite probably. Our family sometimes has game night, we play different games each time, those are some of my best memories. Love it!

Anonymous said...

We're huge fans of Sequence and Dominos but Uno and Boggle are favorites as well. Once a month we have friends over for game night + sweets. SO much fun!

Mrs.B. said...

Hi Tracy,

I wanted to thank you for visiting my blog--I don't think you've commented before but please forgive me if I'm wrong. (o:

Even though it's just my husband and I, we love to play games too. Our favorites are Phase 10, Monopoly, and Battle Ship.


Diane said...

Oh Tracy... I just had to laugh when I saw the picture of your Monopoly board. It looks JUST like ours, also kept from my childhood. Like you, we used to play this game for hours... in fact stretched out over days! Fun memories! We are a big game playing family, however, we tend to go on "bings". We are stuck on a card game right now called "Hand & Foot". We play almost every weekend with our eldest daughter and son-in-law, or friends from our Bible Study group. Fun times!