Monday, April 30, 2007


" I don't want to hear another word!"
I hear my daughter scold.
"Dear me!" I think, "She's awfully strict
For a playful three-year-old!"
She rolls her big eyes heavenward
And sighs with great disdain.
"What am I going to do with you?!"
Her dolls hear her complain.
"Sit down! Be still! Hold out your hands!
Do you have to walk so slow?
Pick up your toys! Go brush your teeth!
Eat all your carrots! Blow!"
I start to tell her how gentle
A mother ought to be
When blushingly, I realize
She's imitating ME!

Barbara Burrow


Lori B said...

So true! They do imitate real well don't they.

Kelli said...

Wow! I will be thinking of this and I go about my day! Very convicting!

Trella said...

I have always loved this poem. I will have to remember this today, as we finish up school and pack!!

Jennifer said...

How funny!

Over this past wedding weekend, we had a lot of 'family time' and as I watched my Mom, I saw ME more and more!

Momma Roar said...

oh yes, my certainly imitate too. I agree with Kelli, it is very convicting.

Ruth said...

Ah...what a good reminder of how quickly our little ones mimic US. I want to be gentle in speech and action, and this is a good reminder!!

Patrick & Rachel said...

Tracy, that is beautiful and very touching. So often I do listen to my sons and realize that how they are speaking to one another is exactly how I am speaking to them. It is wonderful to have a gentle reminder to not only listen and learn, but this also encouraged me to confess, ask for God's grace, and keep trying to use a voice, attitude, and words that are pleasing in God's sight!!!

PortraitofPeter said...

Its always so wonderful - children's imaginations!!

A treasured moment for you too!!

Elise said...

This is great! I've already experienced this, as the little one is mimicking my frown...yikes.