Wednesday, August 8, 2007

First Day of School

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We started back to school today. Truthfully, I was dreading it. It's still so... hot outside. I just mailed my notification to the superintendent on Tuesday. I felt ill-prepared, and unmotivated. But, the show must go on...

I prayed about how I was feeling, and left it in God's hands. I woke this morning, and baked a batch of Apple Cranberry Spice muffins. You can find the recipe at Mama's Fixins. The house filled with a wonderful aroma, and we started into our day. I was delightfully surprised at how our day went. No tears. That's right; I didn't cry once! (0;

Yesterday I mentioned that Autumn was using a host of things that I already had for Mac. I also mentioned that we sent Mac to school in 8th grade. The catch here is that Mac was working two grades ahead for his age. When we sent him to school, we didn't want him to be 14 and in 10th grade. We felt that would have been too hard at the public school. So, this year, Autumn is in ninth grade, and she is using materials that Mac had used.

Here is a list of what she is using this year:

The Bible

A Beka Themes in Literature
A Beka Vocabulary, Spelling, and Poetry III
A selection of books recommended by Sonlight, and Veritas Press

TOPS Science Electricity
TOPS Science Magnetism
Various books on gardening

A Basic History of the United States volumes 1-5 by Clarence B. Carson
God and Government volumes 1-3 by Gary DeMar
Of Plymouth Plantation by William Bradford
The Patriot's Handbook by George Grant
The Federalist Papers
Democracy in America by Alexis De Tocqueville

Videotext Algebra

Home Economics:
Cooking, Sewing and More by Christian Light Education

Collin breezed right through his work, as usual, and even did half of his work for tomorrow!
Abigail seemed to enjoy herself, and was tickled that her first science lesson was about fruits. It included a recipe for "candle salad" that she was able to make for her lunch. How much fun is that?

Autumn was all smiles, and declared that she really enjoyed the day. I was thrilled. We all headed into town to pick Mac up after cross country practice. I knew that he would have a list of supplies that he needed, and so we made a trip to Walmart and Subway. Grandma came along, as well. I was so happy, because she often declines, but really does feel good when she gets out for awhile.

Today's topic at Randi's Back to Homeschool Week is "Getting out there...".

When we lived in a bigger city, we were very involved in Co-op classes. I loved this as much as the children did. I helped teach, and visited with other moms. That is no longer an option for us, but we still get together with other homeschool families for field trips and play days.

My children have all played sports locally. Collin has participated in football, basketball, and baseball. Autumn and Abigail have played softball and basketball. Abigail has participated in a homeschool gymnastics. The boys are in Boy Scouts. All of the children have been in plays. Believe me, we get socialization!


Ruth said...

I'm glad to hear that your first day of school went well. We are all getting ready over here, too. I'm like you...I don't really want to start, but the show must go on. Here's to a great year!!

Melissa Markham said...

The Candle Salad looks awesome! You are right, it just doesn't get anymore fun than that! Glad you had a great first day! Now on to the rest of a great year!

Penless Thoughts said...

How cute is the candle salad!!!

Karen said...

Sounds like God answered that prayer greatly! I've been dreading it, too, but for the simple fact that I'm tired. We've decided to start after Labor Day to give us a chance to recover from this month. I'll have to work it out within the year. But, that's what I love about homeschooling. It's adaptable.
Sounds like the kids are off to a good start. I love that lunch of Abigail's! Very creative.

Anna S said...

Glad to hear your first day of school went well. What an awesome experience it must be, teaching your own children!

I have yet another question about this for you, Tracy. Did you ever have to deal with doubts of other people - or even yourself - of you not being an officially qualified teacher? I think there's this sort of myth, that you can only teach if you have a diploma hanging on your wall...

Lori said...

Looks like you have your homeschool schedule very well planned out.
Yes, with all of your kids activities you do get plenty socialization.

Becky said...

What a great start to your year. You know, sometimes we just have to do what we have to do. Emotions follow actions. So keep up the good work and God will reward your perseverance.